Retailers and brands work better together in the modern world of multisource and multichannel commerce with the help of Flxpoint, a dropshipping solution that integrates with SkuVault Core’s inventory management system via API.




Ecommerce Platform

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Reasons to adopt

Pull in product data

Flxpoint pulls in product data, inventory levels, and pricing updates daily from SkuVault Core.

Streamlines processes

Connecting SkuVault Core to Flxpoint allows retailers and brands to easily connect with their dropship and EDI trading partners.

Easy set-up

Simply plug in your SkuVault Core credentials to use the Flxpoint integration.

SkuVault Features

Flxpoint was conceived with a visionary mission to redefine how retailers and brands collaborate in today’s multifaceted, multichannel commerce landscape. Designed with a “dropship-first” approach, Flxpoint perfectly caters to retailers, brands, or wholesalers who leverage dropshipping or third-party warehousing as integral parts of their fulfillment strategy. It’s not just a tool; it’s a strategic ally that empowers businesses to unlock growth, enhance margins, and scale efficiently. 

By prioritizing automation as a core competitive advantage, Flxpoint transcends traditional wholesale-focused solutions to address intricate dropship fulfillment workflows and inventory management challenges. Plus, with EDI compliance and the flexibility to accommodate almost any EDI specifications, Flxpoint stands as a robust, future-ready platform for modern commerce.

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