Boost Analytics

Boost Analytics helps online retailers optimize their eBay listings and sell more. By analyzing your
listings and sales data, Boost makes intelligent and actionable recommendations to improve search
visibility and increase conversion rates.







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Reasons to adopt

Listing analysis

Boost Analytics provides weekly listing review and performance data that allows you to understand which listings are underperforming and why. You can optimize your listings inside Boost.

eBay ads analysis

Review historical listing data and performance in easy to understand formats. Use smart business rules and AI to identify which listings to target with eBay ad campaigns. Boost simplifies the process of creating and editing PLA campaigns.

Easy item specifics

Boost analyzes your existing eBay listings to highlight missing item specifics that can then be edited/updated in bulk to maximize search reach and visibility.

Supported Features

  • eBay listings analysis
  • eBay ads analysis
  • Sales analysis
  • eBay item specifics
  • Bulk optimization tools
  • Listing quality and optimization scores
  • Category checker
  • Increase search impressions
  • Bulk add/edit Item Specifics
  • End and re-list reports
  • Fix non-compliant eBay listings
  • Optimization tracking
  • Performance stats

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