Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF).

Take advantage of Amazon’s powerful fulfillment network to fulfill your sales channels orders in both branded and unbranded packaging.

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Amazon MCF

Amazon MCF

Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) allows you to use your FBA inventory to fulfill orders from any channel where you sell, including your own website.

Scale your business by leveraging Amazon’s world-class fulfillment network, operational expertise and trusted shipping options for all your orders regardless of where they are placed - whether that’s on Amazon or any other sales channel.

Amazon MCF

Benefits of MCF

Simplify your Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) operations.

Grow your business without adding supply chain complexities.

Amazon MCF

Fast delivery

Leverage the efficiency and accuracy that powers Amazon Prime.

Low predictable pricing

Keep fulfillment costs low.

Transparent delivery promises

Enjoy extremely high on-time delivery rate.

Instant scalability

Grow your business without increasing your fixed costs. With MCF, you can manage seasonal spikes without additional resources.

Simplify operations

Let Amazon free you up for your core business by managing your inventory placement, shipping carriers and fulfilment.

Fully trackable orders

Receive tracking numbers within 24 hours of order placement for priority and expedited shipments placed against on- hand inventory to comply with external marketplace guidelines.

Optimize your operations

How does MCF work?

Fulfill orders from any channel using Amazon’s fulfillment network.

  • Sellers send all or some of their inventory to an Amazon fulfillment center.
  • Amazon handles warehouse management of the products.
  • When a sale is made on one of the seller’s sales channels, Amazon receives the order and handles picking, packing and shipping.

Linnworks MCF functionality

Linnworks offers full support for Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF).

Take advantage of Linnworks powerful tools to manage MCF orders with Amazon.

Amazon MCF
Amazon MCF 7

Order download

All channel orders are automatically downloaded into Linnworks every 10-15 minutes.

Amazon MCF 8

Configure delivery speed

Optimize your business operations by having control over delivery speed of your orders. For example, instruct Amazon to use Priority, Expedited or Standard shipping method when fulfilling your orders.

Amazon MCF 9

Block Amazon Logistics

Block Amazon Logistics as a shipping method for your MCF orders. Amazon will automatically use a suitable replacement courier.

Amazon MCF 10

Order submission

Linnworks user-friendly interface makes the process of sending orders to Amazon fulfillment centers a seamless experience.

Amazon MCF 11

Automatic order submission

Speed up order processing and increase customer satisfaction by using Linnworks automation tools to submit orders to Amazon fulfillment centers automatically.

Amazon MCF 12

Shipment status tracking

Easily track the status of the MCF shipments. Once an order has been accepted, you will see a label printed tag associated with the order. As soon as the order has been shipped by Amazon, the order status will be automatically changed to Processed.

Blank Box*

Seamlessly send your sales channels orders to be fulfilled by Amazon in unbranded packaging.

Amazon MCF Blank Box Program allows sellers to ship orders through the MCF network in unbranded packaging at no additional cost. Never again confuse your buyers who receive their orders raised on other ecommerce channels as the packaging materials, including boxes, tape and polybags, will not contain any Amazon branding.

Linnworks Blank Box functionality features.

  • Visibility of Blank Box inventory stock levels.
  • Sending orders to be fulfilled by Amazon in unbranded packaging.
  • Configuring automation rules to submit orders for fulfillment through MCF Blank Box service automatically.

*Please note that Amazon Blank Box functionality is currently only available in the US.

If you would like to use Amazon Blank Box functionality please get in touch with the Linnworks Support team at who will be able to enable this tool for you.

Amazon MCF

"Managing Amazon FBA Inbound Shipments in Linnworks is a big time saver. It keeps our stock more consistent and gives us accurate stock availability, both because it's easier for us to book FBA shipments, but also when stock comes in it's all automatic."

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Rothko and Frost

Rothko and Frost

"We achieved our multimillion-dollar revenue target in the first year. We simply couldn’t have achieved this with our old system. Linnworks has been absolutely critical to our international growth."

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"Our growth is definitely faster because we have better control of our data and better control of our sales channels and pricing. We know what's going on and we have the time to think strategically about our future moves."

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