1440 is an omnichannel suite designed to empower Salesforce brands. It offers a seamless connection between various channels, including online, in-store, and mobile, creating a cohesive customer experience. By integrating data and analytics across these channels, 1440 helps businesses provide personalized and consistent interactions, regardless of where the customer engages with the brand.





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Reasons to adopt

Advanced options

Manage multiple warehouses, supplier dropshipping, and demand planning with 1440 CRM and SkuVault Core.

Sync inventory data

Update your products and all their attributes from 1440 into SkuVault Core in one location.

SkuVault Features

The integration between 1440 and SkuVault Core serves to provide our clients with a comprehensive solution for both order and inventory management. With this connection, you can easily update your products in 1440, and then synchronize them with SkuVault Core. This process consolidates key details such as SKU description, classification, supplier, brand, cost, item ID, UPC, MPN, price, result price, and unit weight into one streamlined location, enhancing your control and efficiency over inventory and order handling.

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