Advanced reporting and insights.

Glean the insights you need to make decisions that propel your business forward. See what’s happening today, plan for tomorrow and strategize for growth months and years into the future.

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Understand your sales and financial performance

Track performance across sales channels.

  • Dashboards to track key sales and financial metrics across selling channels and SKU’s.
  • Real-time visibility into stock levels, inventory, orders and shipping performance.
  • Monitor summaries of sales volume, refunds, purchasing and stock value.

Customized reporting for high-growth retailers

Drill down to the metrics that matter.

  • Drill down to get key metrics on stock history over time, key channels by date or by fulfillment partner.
  • Use data points from the Linnworks platform to build custom reports comparing performance across all aspects of the multichannel selling process.


Please note that this is a beta version of the insights panel which is still undergoing final testing before its official release. The interface shown may not represent the final product.

View how your business is performing at a glance

Dashboards that make it easy to monitor business performance.

Comparison and trendline

Overlay data across multiple time periods to quickly compare how performance has changed.

Configurable views

Focus on what matters by configuring your reports to show the aspects
of your business that you are most interested in.

Exportable reports

Download the data for a defined date range so you can share with your wider team.

Now commerce connects

See how Linnworks can help grow your business.

Connect and automate your commerce operations with Linnworks to capture every revenue opportunity.

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