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True one-click listing functionality on many of the world’s most popular eCommerce websites.
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Linnworks Makes Listings Smarter

Linnworks is the ultimate listing software because it makes all the hard choices for you. Once you upload a product into our inventory, it can then be added to eBay, Amazon, Magento, and Bigcommerce without any additional customisation.

From eBay bulk listings to exclusive Amazon repricing tools, we give you the technology to simplify the entire listing process.


Simple Cross Border Trading

Translate your listings on eBay into a variety of different languages using the power of our automated CBT tools. Sync cross border and overseas listings with your activity at home, all without breaking a sweat.

All the Tools You Need For Perfect Listings

Linnworks gives you the tools to create the perfect template for all of your listings. Simply tell our system how you prefer your layout once and it will remember your preferences until the end of time.


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