How Golfio improved order fulfilment time by 87.5%

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Golfio golf clubs case study

Golfio is your one-stop shop for all things golf, including clubs, bags, balls, and other equipment and accessories. 

Company Profile: is dedicated to providing the best online purchasing experience for your golfing needs. Everyday, we are motivated and inspired in how our quality premium services will help you stay connected to what’s most important to you. We offer only the finest brand name, highest quality and authentic products to help you enjoy your game.

Solution Partners: Channel Advisor | ShipStation

Market: International

Industry: Sports & Outdoor

“Our order fulfillment time has improved by 87.5% – orders that previously would’ve taken us all day, we can now complete in less than an hour.”

Challenge: No inventory system, constant product re-allocations, oversells

When we met Howard Choi, Business Development Manager of, at ChannelAdvisor’s Catalyst Americas 2013 conference, he was a man in singular need of an inventory solution. He knew his pain points – convoluted Excel spreadsheets, perpetual physical reallocation of stock to keep it all grouped together, and oversells everywhere – and he was ready to reclaim those wasted hours. Ideally, he wanted to implement more efficient processes well before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Golfio was founded in 2005, and Howard didn’t think he could stand another year of poor inventory control limiting sales and customer satisfaction.

Solution: Locations, locations, locations!

In implementing SkuVault Core, what’s turning out to be the most revolutionary change for Golfio is the switch to product locations. As Howard puts it, “Our warehouse is slowly becoming what Zappos describes as “Organized Chaos,” meaning, our products are all over the place despite brand and model… As we’re transitioning more towards relying on warehouse locations, putting inventory away is becoming quicker since we don’t have to move our products around and picking is becoming a lot more convenient since we know that if it’s not in that location then obviously we do not have it. Therefore, during the holiday peak season we saved a lot of time when it came to receiving, shipping things out, and notifying customer immediately if we had any inventory discrepancy. And that’s been great for us.”

Results: Decreased oversells, mis-ships, and order fulfillment time 

The real test of SkuVault Core came when their peak season hit. “Our out-of-stock percentage during peak season decreased by approximately 25%,” Howard told us, “Our mis-ship percentage decreased by about 13%. Having our true available quantities shared across our marketplaces with SkuVault Core’s ChannelAdvisor integration assisted in decreasing OOS percentage, mis-ships, undersells, confusion, and canceled orders. Every [feature] we used helped us out – adding, removing, auditing, moving warehouse location, item history, user history, and the imports/exports all played a great role in increasing the efficiency and productivity of our company. SkuVault Core definitely helped us fulfill orders a lot faster than before [we had an inventory system]. Before we had SkuVault Core, it would take us an entire day to fulfill about 50 orders. Now, it takes us less than an hour.”