How 2BHip improved pick times and reduced overselling with SkuVault Core

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2BHip sells fan apparel and accessories including retro t-shirts and comic, cartoon, and other niche categories on their online store. 

2BHIP star wars stormtrooper hat case study

Company Profile: 2Bhip sells licensed apparel, like t-shirts, hats, hoodies, baby rompers and wallets. They sell on Amazon, eBay, their BigCommerce website, and smaller marketplaces, and have been in business since 2004.

Solution Partners: Big Commerce | Channel Advisor | ShipWorks

Market: International

Industry: Apparel

“SkuVault Core has cut down on our oversells”

Challenge: Old desktop system, no integrations

2Bhip started out small, selling belt buckles on eBay back in 2004. Within a year, they expanded their product line to include licensed t-shirts, and now they sell over 20 different types of items within the apparel and accessories department. Tim Arnold, President and Co-Founder of 2Bhip, realized early on that they needed a warehouse management system. “Prior to working with SkuVault Core,” Tim explained, “We had a warehouse management system for 8 years. I really couldn’t imagine running our business without one.” Why did Tim decide to switch to SkuVault Core? Simple. Their original WMS was an old desktop system, and it couldn’t integrate with their other ecommerce platforms – specifically, ChannelAdvisor. This lack of integration and automation was beginning to drag on 2Bhip’s resources, so they sought out a new warehouse management solution.

Solution: The missing piece to bridge their systems

When Tim discovered SkuVault Core, he knew it was going to be a solid fit. “SkuVault Core’s team has a similar vision to mine on how [a] warehouse system should be set up… [furthermore], they’ve always taken time to listen to my ideas in order to make their system better for 2Bhip [and their other clients].” SkuVault Core is web-based on Microsoft’s Cloud, which in addition to making it more secure and readily accessible across multiple devices, also facilitates the integrations that Tim was so eager to utilize. 2Bhip utilizes SkuVault Core’s integration to ChannelAdvisor, which pushes quantity updates from SkuVault Core to ChannelAdvisor in real-time, which then pushes those quantities to all of 2Bhip’s marketplaces. 2Bhip also uses SkuVault Core’s integration to ShipWorks, wherein SkuVault Core pushes real-time location updates to ShipWorks for each item within all your pending orders, streamlining your picking process.

Results: Reduced oversells, easier picking process, better marketplace feedback

Tim likes how simple SkuVault Core is to use, and he really likes how it reduced 2Bhip’s oversells. “The biggest thing [SkuVault Core has helped to improve] is oversells; we no longer have as many as before. Obviously, fewer oversells improves feedback on our marketplaces, as well as cuts down on customer service emails.” SkuVault’s also made their picking process easier, and has cut down on the time it takes to pick. What’s his favorite SkuVault Core feature? “The ‘move’ feature. Being able to select several items from one location and move them to another – with just a few clicks – saves tons of time.” When asked about peak season – for 2Bhip, peak season is Black Friday & Cyber Monday – Tim told us that “we feel strongly that this year we should see a much smoother flow and fewer oversells than years past during the holiday season.”