How to get more control over international payments with World First foreign exchange

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As the market increasingly demands cross-border trading, it makes sense to consider the margins you make or sacrifice moving your money between currencies, allowing you to optimize your prices to achieve higher sales.

Our partners at World First are able to assist online sellers working across multiple markets and currencies to achieve greater control over their funds and better exchange rates between those currencies. World First do this by setting up bank accounts in the native currencies of your Amazon accounts. This then allows you to repatriate your revenues back to your home bank account at your own convenience, at better exchange rates.

With World First, thousands of E-commerce merchants save money every time they repatriate the proceeds of sales on the biggest international online marketplaces.

World First’s dedicated service for online retailers is a cost-effective and straightforward solution for expanding your international multi-channel sales reach. They can open non-domestic accounts for receiving funds in a number of currencies (GBP, USD, CAD and EUR) from E-commerce marketplaces in the UK, US, Canada and Europe. This helps you to achieve better exchange rates, meaning that the savings could be significant.

How you use the savings is up to you; you could offer more competitive pricing on your online storefronts, or expand or reinvest in your ecommerce operations. And with World First’s best-in-class online platform, World First Online, there’s greater flexibility in managing your currency conversions, allowing you to choose the time, day or night, to repatriate your funds to your home business account.

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