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The top 10 products to sell throughout the holiday season, according to AMZScout.

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Holiday Retail Season

Retailers need to be on top of the latest and hottest products all year round, but the real opportunities to make sales are during the holiday season. In particular, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two dates that can make or break a business, but if you get your product selection and promotions right, these big retail days can be a goldmine.

But how do you know what to sell? It’s best not to leave it to chance but with a bit of research to see what’s trending you can find the hot products and what people will be looking for.

With that in mind, we’ve looked at the most popular categories on Amazon, and highlighted ten great product opportunities for you to sell during the holiday retail season.

What are the most popular categories on Amazon in 2020?

When it comes to how to find products to sell on Amazon FBA and other eCommerce platforms it’s always best to look at categories that are trending up and have a solid amount of demand. This ensures you’ll generate consistent sales and don’t have to worry about inventory collecting dust.

Here are the most popular categories currently on Amazon to give you an idea about what types of items people are looking for:

Note: The numbers below were calculated in August, 2020

Home & Kitchen: +2.1%

Electronics: +5.2%

Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry: +3.6%

Beauty & Personal Care: -2%

Toys & Games: +0.2%

Sports & Outdoors: +2.2%

Health, Household & Baby Care: +0.2%

Baby: +3.3%

Garden & Outdoor: -1.9%

Kitchen & Dining: -2.1%

As you can see, while all of these categories are currently listed in the top 10, not all of them are trending up. You should also anticipate changes in demand as we transition into winter.

For example, Toys & Games are likely to trend up the closer we get to Christmas. Meanwhile, as the weather gets colder the demand for Garden & Outdoor products will probably decrease even further.

Keep all this in mind when choosing items to sell over the holidays.

Our picks for the top 10 products to sell during the retail holiday season.

We encourage you to do your own research and find products that are a good fit for your business. That being said, we’ve had a look at what’s trending on Amazon and picked 10 items from a number of different categories (Toys, Sports, Furniture, Home & Garden, Pet Supplies, and two additional ones) that we think would be perfect to sell on Black Friday or Cyber Monday this year, or throughout the holiday season. This is based on sales data tracked by AMZScout.

1. Snow Powder.

Everyone loves decorating their house for Christmas, and using fake snow is one of the best ways to make things feel a little more festive. People usually start thinking about Christmas right after Thanksgiving is over which makes Black Friday the perfect time to promote this item.


Amazon sales and price data over the last year for Be Amazing! Toys Amazon Super Snow Powder - Courtesy of AMZScout

Here’s the sales history for one of the most popular versions of this item. As you can see, sales surged last winter. Expect the same thing to happen again this year as people start getting ready for Christmas.

Other Reasons Why You Should Sell this Product:

  • There currently aren’t many other sellers offering this product
  • Most of the other listings are low quality and could be improved upon
  • There are very few Amazon or big brand listings for this product

2. Christmas-Themed Puzzle.

Ever since the pandemic began puzzles have seen a huge resurgence. More people are staying home and need something to keep them busy which has led to an increase in puzzle sales. So, it only makes sense that Christmas-themed puzzles will be a popular item this year.

xmas jigsaw amazonscout

Amazon sales and price data over the last year for Christmas Cheer Jigsaw Puzzle 100 Piece - Courtesy of AMZScout

Take a look at the sales for this Christmas puzzle. Not surprisingly, it sold a lot last winter. However, sales also spiked in March and April when the pandemic hit, and they’re already beginning to grow again during the summer. Based on this, it’s possible Christmas puzzles could perform even better this holiday season.

Other Reasons Why You Should Sell this Product:

  • Most listings don’t have a lot of reviews, so with just a few reviews you could rank highly
  • Competition levels are very low
  • It’s mostly just sold by small individual sellers

3. Stainless Steel Tumblers.

These are great items to sell because they’re popular all year round. They’re perfect for holding cold drinks in the summer and hot beverages in the winter. They’ve been trending up for a while which makes them an ideal item to help you boost your sales over the holidays.

tumblers amzscout

Amazon sales and price data over the last year for SKINNY TUMBLERS (4 pack) - Courtesy of AMZScout

Sales really started increasing back in April, and with everyone looking for gifts over the winter there’s a good chance this continues through to Black Friday.

Other Reasons Why You Should Sell this Product:

  • The sales for this product are higher than average
  • There aren’t many major brands to compete with
  • Most listings are poorly done, so just creating a strong listing will give you a leg up

4. Rain Suits.

For many parts of the world, winter means rain. So it’s no surprise that rain suits have become a popular item this time of year. This is also a combo item (a jacket and pants) which gives it more value in the eyes of potential customers.

Rainsuit AMZ scout

Amazon sales and price data over the last year for FROGG TOGGS Protective Rain Suit - Courtesy of AMZScout

As expected, sales for this item shot up last fall. You can expect the same to happen this year, so it’s a good idea to invest in this inventory now. That way you’ll be ready when the demand begins to increase again.

Other Reasons Why You Should Sell this Product:

  • The margins on this product are higher than average
  • There aren’t many sellers to compete against
  • The sales numbers are quite high for this item

5. Umbrellas for Dogs.

It’s not just people that want to keep out of the rain, dogs want to stay dry too. Believe it or not, you can actually buy an umbrella for your dog. People will do anything for their furry friends, so it’s not all that surprising that this item has actually become pretty popular.

dog umbrellas amzscout

Amazon sales and price data over the last year for Enjoying Umbrella Dog Leash Umbrella - Courtesy of AMZScout

Sales for this item really spiked last fall. Just like the rain suit, it’s logical to predict that as we enter the rainy season sales will increase, making this a good item to stock up on.

Other Reasons Why You Should Sell this Product:

  • Most versions of this product are low quality and could be improved upon
  • The margins for this item are really good
  • You don’t have to compete with many other sellers

6. Outdoor String Lights.

Outdoor lights can be used all year, and string lights are an easy way to decorate your house or backyard. With more people staying home many are looking for a way to spruce up their space a bit and outdoor lights are an easy way to do that.

string lights_amzscout

Amazon sales and price data over the last year for Brightown Outdoor String Lights - Courtesy of AMZScout

Just look at the increase in sales these outdoor string lights have enjoyed recently. These types of lights could also be used as part of Christmas light decorations as well, so there’s a good chance this trend continues into fall and winter.

Other Reasons Why You Should Sell this Product:

  • The pool of sellers offering this item is small
  • Most other listings are really poor, meaning a solid listing should rank highly
  • Not many of these products are sold by Amazon which is a big plus for individual sellers

7. Fleece Blankets.

It’s no secret that the colder it gets the more popular blankets become. After spending the day outside in the cold all people want to do is to curl up in front of the fire with a nice warm blanket. Fleece blankets in particular have become increasingly popular over the years.

blanket amzscout

Amazon sales and price data over the last year for Bedsure Fleece Blanket Throw Size - Courtesy of AMZScout

Even though they’re clearly more popular during the winter, the numbers show that they sell pretty consistently all year. So, even after Black Friday is over you may decide to sell this item the rest of the year as well.

Other Reasons Why You Should Sell this Product:

  • The sales numbers for this product are higher than average
  • You won’t be up against many big brands
  • Lots of low quality listings, meaning the bar is set pretty low

8. Mermaid Tail Sleeping Bag.

Sticking with the “staying warm” theme, how about a sleeping bag that makes you feel like a mermaid? Sure, this might seem a little silly, but as you might have guessed these are really popular with young girls.

mermaid sleeping bag amzscout

Amazon sales and price data over the last year for JR.White Mermaid Tail Blanket for Kids - Courtesy of AMZScout

Sales were extremely strong in November and December last year, showing that this was likely a very popular Christmas gift. There’s a good chance that could happen again, so you may want to consider stocking this over the holidays.

Other Reasons Why You Should Sell this Product:

  • There aren’t a lot of major brands involved in this product
  • Competition levels are low
  • There are a lot of bad listings ranking highly, which means it should be easy to rank a new product

9. Pumpkin-Scented Candles.

There’s something about candles that really help set the mood. They’re a great way to add some ambiance, and a scented candle can fill your house with a wide array of wonderful aromas. During fall and winter pumpkin-themed anything is always popular, which is why pumpkin-scented candles are a great choice from Black Friday right through the holiday season.

pumpkin candle amzscout

Amazon sales and price data over the last year for Yankee Candle Large Jar Candle Spiced Pumpkin - Courtesy of AMZScout

Predictably, the sales history shows this item is definitely more popular in the fall and winter months. Its sales are already starting to grow in anticipation, which is a good sign for the rest of the year.

Other Reasons Why You Should Sell this Product:

  • This product has really strong sales numbers
  • Like many other items on this list, it’s made up of mostly poor listings
  • Most of these products are offered by small sellers, meaning weaker competition

10. Gameboy Phone Case.

Nostalgic items that remind people of their youth are super hot right now. Anyone who grew up in the 90s probably had or played a Gameboy at some point, so it’s no surprise this Gameboy-themed phone case has been extremely popular.

gameboy amzscout

Amazon sales and price data over the last year for POKPOW Handheld Game Console Phone Case for iPhone - Courtesy of AMZScout

Just look at how much this product has been selling over the last few months. With lots of people looking for cheap and unique gifts over the holidays, this could be an excellent item to sell on Black Friday.

Other Reasons Why You Should Sell this Product:

  • Really strong sales compared to other products
  • You won’t be competing against many other sellers
  • The margins on this product are excellent

Make the most of this holiday retail season.

Online sellers are under a lot of pressure to find the perfect products to sell during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and for those stocking fillers and last minute gifts right through the holiday season. But if you have the right data and a positive sales history to back up your choices you can rest assured you’ll have exactly what people are looking for, and you can capitalise on those niche selling opportunities.

These holiday season selling insights are from the AMZScout Amazon Expert Team. AMZScout is one of the top Amazon research tools for online sellers for the last four years. We love to share our expertise and identify trends to guide sellers to success.

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