How To Improve Your Social Commerce Strategies With SaaS Platforms

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The influence of social media on our society continues to expand every second. It impacts how we communicate with each other, the way in which we promote ourselves, and it funnels buying habits. 

Social commerce plays a key role in the online presence of businesses and organizations interested in selling products, services, and connecting with users. An estimated $27 billion in U.S. social commerce sales were made in 2020 with the annual amount expected to skyrocket to around $79 billion by 2025. 

It’s clear that revenue is the driving source behind social commerce. But how is this concept completed successfully and what are the best ways to improve your strategies? 

Let’s take a look at social commerce by exploring a few reasons why social commerce matters, and discover how the use of a multi-faceted technological tool can give you complete control over every project.  

3 social commerce examples to reference for implementation.

1. Channel machine learning to personalize content 

Machine learning, also known as artificial intelligence (AI), is an automated way to collect data, analyze it, and structure what has been learned to cater to a user’s buying habits. 

Personalized content and AI need to work hand-in-hand. This is incredibly vital in social commerce situations where users are becoming more and more inundated with advertisements in their feeds. Epsilon found that among a wide age demographic of consumers, 80% are more likely to make purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences, and 90% will if they find that personalization appealing. Data patterns must influence every part of the user experience (UX), from special offers to ensuring the consumer does not lose focus of the conversion goal in the process. Structure your social commerce strategies by studying buying habits and removing obstacles. 

2. Create a bond with your audience 

An active benefit for any brand or group is cultivating a large (but interactive) audience. With a significant sample size, you can specifically measure engagement on social sites to see what types of posts, polls, images, videos, and more that your audience finds interesting. 

BigCommerce provides several helpful tips for this process, including: 

  • Posting daily (1-3 times per day) 
  • Using images, a highly interactive content type
  • Having a personal tone
  • Listening to users
  • Monitoring and tracking use
  • Offering contests and giveaways
  • Partnering with other brands
  • Offering value
  • Cross-pollinating content across social sites 

A smart social presence can help you solidify prospects and turn them into returning customers. With quality content that elicits a desired response, you can begin to create a relationship with users. 

3. Establish trust and loyalty

Developing relationships with users that last is a critical piece of your social commerce strategies. Think about the company or non-profit you follow because of their reputation. That brand was built with the focus on the user and their experience in mind. 

A few ideas to help you lock down that loyalty: 

  • Make it easy. Provide customers with convenience, from relevant product recommendations to centralizing the payment process. The less hoops they have to jump through, the better. 
  • Show your customer you will protect them. 71% of purchasers who bought something through a social media network said their main concern was security, while 65% said it was privacy, and 64% questioned legitimacy. Throughout the user journey, provide reminders that you are protecting customer data and that you have verified processes in place. 
  • Provide consumer experience examples. After all, your products or services are only good if people want to use them. Brand experience should come from your users and how they succeed using the solutions you provide. Post inspiring testimonials that show you are making an impact in their lives or share unique user generated content (UGC) to directly embody the customer experience. 

Each of these measures are great ways to promote that you have a brand that is user-friendly, authoritative, and has industry credence. 

Manage your updated social commerce strategies with a powerful platform.

The implementation of new ideas takes time and resources. That transition is much easier when it is set up for sustainable change with the help of a complete commerce platform that provides you with control over your connections, automated operations, sales channels, and more. 

Linnworks is a software as a service (SaaS) provider that truly connects businesses with their leads and existing customer bases. By leveraging the power of the platform, you will be able to take the reins of customer information management that is spurred from your improved social commerce activity. Here’s how it works: 

  • Integrate. Orchestrate. Automate. Total commerce control allows you to seamlessly connect your channels with operations. The process is always in motion. From multichannel inventory management and optimized order/fulfillment processes, to the depth of insights you have available to influence decisions, this platform is continuously scaling to your growth. 
  • A single solution for ecommerce management. Just as you want to remove roadblocks for your customers, eliminating workflow challenges is critical to internal processes. The platform helps you control the influx of business from updating social commerce strategies by connecting all the elements of your ecommerce ecosystem into one integrated tool. That includes major carriers, third-party logistics (3PL) partners, and fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). 
  • Real-time data tracking. Order and inventory data analysis is at your fingertips in an organized, effective manner. Manage ecommerce insights with dashboards that track key sales metrics across channels. You can also view stock, inventory, order status, and shipping performance as well as sale information summaries. That’s not all. With Linnworks, you can build customized reports within the platform’s dashboard to compare success across the multichannel selling process. 

No matter where you or your customers are in the world, the Linnworks platform can be used to optimize both the customer experience and internal processes. Schedule a demo and learn more about how you can please customers while harnessing the growth of your business. is proud to partner with Linnworks as they continue to help businesses grow. Our experienced team has the resources to assist your up-to-the-second social commerce needs, through professional digital marketing services, strategy, and web development