The top Mexican marketplaces to sell on in 2024

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For many of us, Mexico likely conjures up images of tacos, tequila, and endless sunshine. But did you know that it boasts an impressive and vibrant ecommerce industry?

As the second-largest market in Latin America behind Brazil, Mexico offers unique opportunities for businesses looking to expand into international markets. And with more than 127 million consumers at your fingertips, there’s a huge pool of potential customers for SMBs to dip their toe into. 

However, before you dive in head first, you need to know the basics about Mexican marketplaces – which ones are best and which ones are best for you and your ecommerce offering? 

Read on to learn some strategic insights and practical tips for tapping into this dynamic market with a little help from Linnworks. 

Background to the Mexican ecommerce market

The ecommerce market in Mexico continues to show robust growth and is expected to reach USD53.97 billion by 2029, marking a CAGR of 13.27% based on 2024 figures. It’s positioning itself as a signpost for international businesses looking to extend their reach into Latin America. 

Thanks in part to an increasing number of digital consumers and a rise in mobile commerce – 98% of digital consumers in Mexico used smartphones for online purchases in 2021 – the ecommerce economy continues to boom. This has accentuated the importance of a strong digital presence for businesses – you’ve got to be in it to win it. 

If you’re an SMB owner who’s opted to take the leap across the border, you’re probably starting to look at which Mexican marketplaces are right for you and your business. 

Why is this such a crucial first step?

Well, selecting the right online marketplace can dramatically increase your sales and visibility. Marketplaces specifically catering to the Mexican audience can help international sellers penetrate deeper into this burgeoning market, making strategic choices essential for those looking to capitalize on Mexico’s digital boom.

So, we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 Mexican marketplaces to sell on!

The top Mexican ecommerce marketplaces

Without further ado, let’s jump in!

Mercado Libre

    mercado libre mexico screenshot

    First up, we’ve got Mercado Libre, both the largest online marketplace and payments ecosystem in Latin America – pretty impressive stuff.

    The Argentinian-based marketplace is known for its extensive reach and connects sellers to more than 100 million unique active users across eighteen countries, including Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina. 

    What makes this platform particularly appealing is its impressive operational flexibility. It allows sellers to list products in USD while customers pay in local currencies, which Mercado Libre updates automatically in the background.

    Key features include:

    • Large audience: Access to a massive customer base across multiple LatAm markets.
    • Flexible sales options: Sellers can use Mercado Libre’s logistics for local deliveries or manage their shipping, providing versatility in fulfillment.
    • Robust platform: Daily sales exceed one million products, offering a dynamic and lucrative environment for both sellers and buyers.

    For those looking to further optimize their sales, Mercado Libre’s analytics is a game changer. It provides everything you need to understand customer preferences and adjust marketing strategies accordingly. However, be mindful that maintaining a strong seller reputation is vital, as it significantly influences product visibility and sales potential.

    Amazon Mexico

      amazon mexico screenshot

      Amazon is a household name across the world so it’s easy to see why it’s so near the top of this list. It’s familiar, reliable, and quick for consumers. 

      And the same goes for shoppers on Mexican marketplaces. 

      After launching in 2015, Amazon rapidly became a heavyweight in the Mexican ecommerce arena. It offers a wide range of products similar to those found on any Amazon site worldwide – from electronics to apparel, excluding digital music sales which are replaced by CDs and vinyls on this platform. There are more than 18,000 Mexican-independent businesses with a combined 3+ million product listings. 

      Key features include:

      • Broad product range: Sellers can list a diverse array of items, mirroring the variety available on other Amazon platforms.
      • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA): Utilizing FBA in Mexico streamlines logistics and enhances customer service by leveraging Amazon’s vast and robust distribution network.
      • Established market presence: Amazon’s brand recognition and trust greatly simplify entering the Mexican market.

      Understanding local consumer behavior is crucial in Mexico, especially the significant role mobile commerce plays. With smartphone penetration growing rapidly, optimizing listings for mobile users is key to keeping sales coming in. 

      Sellers should focus on clear, concise descriptions and competitive pricing on this platform to attract the increasingly mobile-first customer base.

      Linio Mexico

        linio screenshot

        Linio Mexico is a great place to start for both local and international sellers looking to break into Latin America’s ecommerce market. 

        Known for its stellar user-friendliness, it supports a wide range of product categories from electronics to fashion, and more, making it a versatile platform for businesses.

        Key features include:

        • Accessibility: The platform caters to sellers by offering services in both English and Spanish, breaking down language barriers, and opening doors to a broader market.
        • Broad market presence: With operations across eight countries including Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia, Linio provides access to a significant customer base, boasting over 300 million registered users.
        • Supportive seller environment: Linio does not charge monthly fees, making it economically attractive for startups and established businesses. The commission model is product category-dependent, which lends itself to tailored financial planning.

        For sellers aiming to maximize their success on Linio, you need to leverage the platform’s robust analytics to align with consumer demands and optimize product listings. When done correctly, Linio’s ecosystem can effectively lead to significant sales growth and an expanded brand presence in LatAm.


          liverpool mexico screenshot

          Not to be confused with the city in the northwest of England, Liverpool’s online platform, renowned for its high-end product offerings, represents a massive opportunity for sellers aiming to tap into Mexico’s luxury market.

          The platform is known for its extensive reach and strong customer loyalty, and not only attracts affluent shoppers but also provides a trusted environment for premium brand sales.

          Key features include:

          • High-end market focus: Specializing in luxury goods, Liverpool caters to an upscale consumer base looking for quality and exclusivity, from designer apparel to top-tier electronics.
          • Brand loyalty: With a long-standing presence in the Mexican marketplaces scene, the online department store has cultivated deep trust and brand loyalty, making it an ideal platform for sellers with premium products.
          • High traffic volume: As one of Mexico’s leading department stores online, Liverpool garners significant shopper traffic, which can translate into higher visibility and increased sales for listed products.

          To effectively capitalize on Liverpool’s platform, sellers should focus on exceptional product presentation and strategic pricing. High-quality images, detailed product descriptions, and competitive pricing tailored to the affluent customer base are crucial. 

          Alongside, aligning with Liverpool’s reputation for quality and service can enhance a seller’s appeal, making their products a preferred choice among discerning shoppers. 


            coppel screenshot

            Coppel is making waves as a favorite online destination for families in Mexico. 

            Known for its broad array of products, from trendy tech gadgets to stylish home decor and fashion, it’s a one-stop shop for sellers aiming to connect with a diverse, family-oriented audience.

            Key features include:

            • Family focus: Tailored marketing and a wide product range make it ideal for sellers targeting family households. Whether it’s fashion, electronics, or furniture, there’s a niche for products aimed at all ages.
            • Customer engagement: Coppel’s recent enhancements to their online platform focus on creating an intuitive shopping experience, encouraging higher engagement and repeat customers.
            • Broad reach: With such a comprehensive range of products, Coppel attracts a wide demographic, presenting sellers with numerous opportunities to capitalize on the platform’s extensive reach.

            To leverage Coppel’s strengths, ensure your listings are family-friendly and highlight the practicality and appeal of your products. Use high-quality visuals and detailed descriptions to attract the family market. 

            Additionally, align your pricing strategies with Coppel’s value-conscious ethos to maximize appeal and drive sales.


              elektra mexico screenshot

              Elektra stands out in Mexican marketplaces not just for its retail offerings, but for its unique integration with financial services. 

              This powerhouse duo attracts a broad customer base with its compelling consumer financing options, making products more accessible to everyone through manageable payment plans.

              Key features include:

              • Financial integration: Elektra’s financial services are seamlessly woven into its ecommerce platform, offering buyers credit options that enhance purchasing power. 
              • Market penetration: With its well-established presence in Mexico, the platform offers sellers a significant advantage in reaching a wide demographic. 
              • Streamlined onboarding: Elektra’s user-friendly setup allows sellers to quickly integrate their offerings. This streamlined onboarding process means businesses can quickly start benefiting from Elektra’s extensive market reach and unique financing options.

              To maximize your presence on Elektra, start with a thorough understanding of the application process to ensure your business meets all necessary criteria. Once on board, focus on optimizing your product listings to appeal to the platform’s financially savvy audience. 


                claroshop screenshot

                Nestled within the América Móvil group, Claroshop has made its mark on Mexico’s ecommerce landscape. 

                With its wide range of products spanning electronics, fashion, and home essentials, it offers something for every shopper, making it an excellent platform for sellers looking to broaden their reach.

                Key features include:

                • Diverse product range: Claroshop is known for its broad assortment of goods, which allows sellers to target multiple consumer interests under one roof.
                • Seller success stories: New entrants can learn from established seller strategies that focus on targeted marketing and competitive pricing.
                • Strategic insights: Understand which products perform well on Claroshop by analyzing their featured categories and adapting your offerings accordingly to meet changing market demand.

                For those looking to join Claroshop, you’ll need to study the journey of successful sellers, noting the categories that resonate with customers and the marketing tactics that drive their sales. And remember, this platform offers a unique opportunity to tap into América Móvil’s huge customer base.

                How to expand your ecommerce business into Mexico

                Here’s how you can make your mark in this vibrant market:

                Understand the market

                Familiarize yourself with the local consumer behavior, preferences, and trends. Research the best-selling products and understand the cultural nuances that might affect purchasing decisions. 

                Compliance and regulations

                Ensure full compliance with local laws and regulations. You need to understand import duties, taxes, and specific product regulations. Consulting with local legal and trade experts can help navigate this complex landscape.


                Adapt your offerings to meet local tastes and preferences. This might mean translating your website and product descriptions into Spanish and adjusting your marketing strategies to resonate with Mexican consumers.

                Leverage technology

                Utilize platforms like Linnworks to streamline your operations. Linnworks can help manage inventory, automate order processing, and sync with local marketplaces and shipping services, reducing the administrative burden and helping you focus on sales and customer service.

                Enter the Mexican market with Linnworks

                As you set your sights on Mexico’s thriving ecommerce market, Linnworks is here to streamline your journey. 

                With our powerful tools, you can easily manage inventory, automate orders, and sync with local marketplaces effortlessly. Ready to expand your business horizons? Book a demo with Linnworks today and unlock your full potential in the Mexican market.

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