How A Simple Reminder Email Can Increase Your Online Sales

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Have you ever walked into a room, only to forget what you were in there for? Have you ever had a moment where you realized that you had completely forgotten to complete a relatively simple task, for no reason other than simple forgetfulness? 

Of course you have — we have all had moments like that. They are a part of being human!

But being human, a reminder can help you keep on track for whatever you plan on doing. Enter, the reminder email. The same concept works for potential customers, too.

Studies show that most sales happen after multiple touches, or multiple points of contact with the customer. This is because you need to stay closely in contact with your customers and have multiple interactions with them.

Think of it like this:

Multiple touches — including interacting by sending them emails — can lead to multiple sales because you are readily on your customer’s mind, and they think of you more as a close associate than a stranger.

Automate And Elevate Your Service.

So, if you want your online sales to skyrocket, consider adding an automated reminder email that goes out to visitors who haven’t completed a sale.

This is really to set up if you have an automated email marketing system — you should be able to set up a simple follow-up email process in your email system that lets you “set it and forget it.”

After all, you don’t want to need a reminder to send out a reminder email.

Let your system do the work for you. Here are some examples of how a simple reminder email can increase your online sales. These reminder emails can take multiple forms.

Types of Reminder Emails.

1. The “Don’t Forget Your Items!” Email.

If you can track who has added items to their shopping cart but failed to complete the checkout process, consider sending them an email to remind them that their items are still safely ensconced in their cart — but if they don’t check out soon, the items might go out of stock.

This can add a sense of urgency, but at the very least, you are reminding people who have already demonstrated a strong interest in your products to complete the sale.


2. The “You Might Also Like…” Email.

Amazon is the master of these emails. If you are accurately tracking customer’s viewing history, try sending them suggestions of other products they might like.

For example, if you run a pet supply store and you notice that someone bought or looked at dog bowls, you might want to send them a reminder email that you also carry great dog food to fill those bowls with.

Remember to stay in touch with your customers:a forgotten business is one that’s out of business. The more you stay in contact with customers with information that is relevant to what they have demonstrated interest in, the more sales you will make.

Just stay on their radar, and don’t be a stranger. Your business should be their friend, always reaching out to see if you can help them with anything else.