Flubit re-launches as a fully-fledged online marketplace

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Following a $20 million investment, Flubit has launched a fully-fledged online marketplace in the UK, which will position them as a British alternative to Amazon. This marketplace will consist of over 60 million products at competitive prices, exclusively from 1,500 trusted and verified UK and Irish retailers.

Flubit has been almost a decade and has built up a strong, reliable customer base.

Previously, Flubit operated as a private-discount service model that saw merchants incur zero fees. Specifically, consumers would provide a product link from Amazon.co.uk and would later be returned with a lower offer for the same product, from one of Flubit’s merchants.

Going forward, Flubit still won’t charge any fees or commission to sell on their marketplace and will continue to offer top name products at extremely lucrative prices, at a fair deal for the merchants.  The main difference is that customers will now be able to instantly search for items that they’re looking for and purchase these products straight away. They will also still be able to search by entering the Amazon URL.

Co-Founder and CEO Bertie Stephens said:“This is the development our customers have been asking for, allowing us to improve our site and make it easier for customers to make an instant purchase on the products they want to buy. For years we’ve worked to build our business to the place our customers always envisioned; a UK owned alternative to Amazon that offers customers great prices and speedy delivery – all without harming the bottom line of the independent retailers selling through our site. We’ve got a long and exciting journey ahead of us, but now UK shoppers have a true alternative to buy their online shopping from a UK owned marketplace, with great speed on delivery of their items.”

Flubit have currently only made 20% of their total available inventory live and are planning on adding around 500,000 additional products every week.

You can learn more about selling on Flubit.com here.