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A list of ecommerce fulfillment services across the globe.

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At this trying time, Amazon has temporarily suspended the type of goods that can be sent to its warehouses. Instead, the eCommerce giant is prioritizing medical supplies and high-demand products to support the coronavirus pandemic from now until 5th April 2020.  

As a result, thousands of retailers just like you are facing disruption to their businesses. Some sellers are storing and shipping items on their own, using services such as Amazon’s Seller Fulfilled Prime to give them Prime eligibility and increased exposure on the site.

Others, however, do not have the capacity to do this. If this is your current situation, then the next best thing to do is to find alternative eCommerce fulfillment services. They’ll be able to take some of the burden away and support your business.

To help you, we’ve put together a list of third-party logistics providers (3PLs) that you can browse to find the best eCommerce fulfillment service that can support your business during this period of the unknown.

As always, we would recommend that you do thorough research and read existing customer reviews before deciding on which fulfillment service to use.

3P Logistics.

Regardless of whether you're an eCommerce startup or a multi-national business, 3P Logistics (3PL) is a fulfillment company worth consideration.

Offering everything from warehousing, to freight forwarding, right through to multi-channel and drop ship fulfillment, all from their central UK warehouse, 3PL has a proven track record of taking businesses to the next level.

In fact, with a global warehouse network spanning the UK, China, New Zealand and the US, 3PL caters for both domestic and international deliveries. Their 3PL Fusion technology also provides you with full visibility of your supply chain, at any time and from anywhere in the world.

That's not all though. 

With flexible, pay-as-you-use warehousing, they could be a cost-effective solution for your eCommerce fulfillment needs. For a bespoke quote, however, you will need to contact them directly.  


Through its global fulfillment network and offices in the UK, USA, China and Australasia, Activ8 can handle all your logistics and fulfillment to ensure that your business is not impacted by these sudden FBA changes.

What's more, Activ8's warehouse and fulfillment services can be tailored to brands of all sizes, providing flexibility, transparency and complete control. Plus, with its own state-of-the-art facility in Watford and trusted partners across the supply chain, it's likely to be able to accommodate all your business needs.

Activ8's systems can manage all operations, integrating with your existing system to create a streamlined process. You can also utilize services such as automated tracking, pick & pack reporting, freight forwarding and more.

In terms of pricing, you will need to contact the team directly through their company website.

Adstral Fulfilment.

Adstral Fulfilment is a UK and international fulfillment and distribution service, offering flexible and cost-effective solutions to businesses with more than 100 daily orders.

From their UK-based warehouse, they provide a gateway to Europe and trans-continental shipping, easily enabling the fulfillment of overseas orders.

What’s also great about this fulfillment service is that there are no set-up fees or monthly management fees. They will also take care of any fulfillment and shipping costs in the event that something goes wrong.

In addition to this, Adstral Fulfilment will also store your inventory ready for immediate shipping as soon as your orders are placed, helping you speed up your delivery times and increase customer satisfaction.


BoxMe offers an eCommerce fulfillment network across South East Asia, with warehouses in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and China, as well as the United States.

Working with businesses of all sizes, BoxMe could be a good option if you’re looking to sell into the above markets, regardless of whether you sell tens or thousands of monthly orders.

Another selling point is their temperature-controlled warehouses which enable different storage conditions - both normal (for conventional products) and cool (for goods such as cosmetics).

Another benefit to using BoxMe is that there are no long-term storage fees or penalties, and they won’t charge you any storage fees for the first 30 days of using their fulfillment service. 

Should you need support with duties and taxes, or even a local presence in these Asian markets, this is also something that they can help with. 


Deliverr provides fast and affordable fulfillment for your Shopify, Walmart, Amazon, eBay, and Wish stores, helping to boost sales through programs such as two-day delivery for Shopify or Walmart, eBay Fast ‘N Free, and Wish Express.

Fast delivery has helped Deliverr merchants get improved search rankings, more visibility, and more conversions. “We created Deliverr to bring Amazon-like fulfillment capabilities to online retailers of any size, helping them meet the high expectations of today’s shopper and better compete with other retailers”, says Michael Krakaris, Co-Founder of Deliverr.

Based in the United States, all you need to do is send your inventory to Deliverr, turn on fast shipping tags within your system and watch the sales roll in without having to lift a finger.

Calculate your pricing on their fulfilment calculator, or check out the company's pricing structure here.


Fulfilling orders since 2008, DEVLND offers a fulfillment and 3PL service for online retailers across the globe, with a specific focus on the global beauty and grooming market.

Regardless of the size of your business - from large order volumes to a new start up - DEVLND enables you to focus on the important part of your business, with the pick, pack and dispatch completely taken care of.

What's more, DEVLND regularly tests its pricing structure against all UK 3PLs and fulfillment providers to ensure that it is priced extremely competitively; however, you will need to contact the company directly for a pricing quote.

Something else worth shouting about is that the fulfillment company integrations with more than 40 eCommerce channels and has plenty of experience in dealing with Amazon orders.

Diamond Logistics.

Based in the UK, Diamond Logistics provides its users with a one-stop logistics platform.

Retailers can store their inventory with the service provider, enabling Diamond Logistics to receive their orders, pick, pack and dispatch their products, as well as ship them using same-day, express or international delivery options.

Diamond Logistics uses its own software - despatchlab- to give you full online visibility of your inventory and your deliveries so that you can have complete peace of mind that your orders are taken care of.

With years of experience in dealing with both international brand names and start-up businesses, you can rent a few pallet spaces and dispatch a few orders a year or send thousands all across the globe.

Another advantage to Diamond Logistics is that its local service centers run throughout the UK, so you can keep your products close to you. 

In terms of pricing, you will need to contact the company directly for a quote.


EasiLogic is another UK-based fulfillment service to consider, thanks to their simple pricing structure and first-hand experience of the eCommerce market.

In fact, EasiLogic was born out of its founder's frustrations with many third-party logistics providers, making it a great option for small-to-medium sized businesses looking for a reliable and scalable service that really understands their needs.

That's not all though.

EasiLogic don't charge any set up fees or have minimum order requirements.

eFulfillment Service.

With a fulfillment warehouse strategically located between the East and West Coast of the United States, eFulfillment Service could be a great option for UK or European sellers looking for US fulfillment.

Not only do they provide inventory storage and fulfillment services to online sellers of all sizes, they also have no setup fees, minimum order requirements, long-term storage fees or long-term contracts.

They can also assist cross-border sellers with freight and customs, further offering a dedicated customer service team with dedicated 24/7 support via their ticket system.

For added piece of mind, the fulfillment service also offers a 30-day test drive program, which promises not to charge you if you’re not happy with their service at the end of the 30 days.

FedEx Fulfillment.

Despite having only launched as recently as 2017, FedEx Fulfillment is fast becoming a fulfillment service of choice for sellers wanting to reach the US and Canadian markets.

In fact, with 130 warehouses across both countries, they are able to dispatch the majority of shipments via two-day ground services.

FedEx Fulfillment specifically provide warehousing, fulfillment, packaging, transportation and reverse logistics for small and medium-sized online businesses.

A distinct advantage to using this service is that as a seller you can package your products in custom boxes with your brand’s own logo, as opposed to the FedEx logo. This in itself can be a powerful way to drive customer engagement and retention.

With regards to FedEx Fulfillment's pricing, they don’t actually publish their costs online and you will need to request a quote directly from them.


With eCommerce order fulfillment services and warehousing in Australia, Fulfilio could be an ideal choice to meet your fulfillment needs down under.

In fact, with a national network of warehouses spanning Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, Fulfilio gives you means to reach customers across the country, far quicker than would be possible if shipping from overseas.

Aside from their own fulfillment service, Fulfilio are also the only eBay fulfillment partner in Australia, enabling eBay sellers to take advantage of significant cost-savings, amongst other benefits. is a global fulfillment service that can handle all aspects of order fulfillment.

With seven climate-controlled fulfillment centers worldwide, spanning the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Australia, the company can easily ship to over 150 countries, with same-day order fulfillment.

Alongside their use of cutting-edge technology, their warehouses also operates 24/7 product monitoring, ensuring the security and safety of your inventory.

So, what about cost?

While’s pricing is not published on their website and you will need to contact them directly for a quote, do keep in mind that to use this service a non-refundable deposit of $500 must be paid before they can create your account.

This is due to the fact they operate a prepaid service, with this deposit specifically covering picking, packaging and shipping charges. That said, they don’t charge setup fees.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that by opting to use this fulfillment service, you won’t be tied into any long-term contract and your agreement can be terminated at any point with a 30-day notification.


Based on the East Coast in the US, Fulfillrite’s New Jersey warehouse is strategically located, close to three major airports and two major marine terminals, enabling fast worldwide shipping and the quick receiving of goods imported from overseas.

Other benefits for using Fulfillrite include its simple pricing structure and no hidden fees. In fact, you pay on a per-case or per-pallet basis

In addition to this, there are no long-term contracts and you can close your account at any time, with as little as a ten-day notice.


Huboo is a UK-based fulfillment provider that works with any sized business sellers; whether that’s a large established online retailer sending thousands of packages a day or a brand-new start up taking its first steps with eCommerce.

Huboo stores, picks, packs and dispatches your parcels automatically when orders come in, so customers get their orders on time and in great condition. The company prides itself on understanding what its sellers want and its team are trained to your standards of how you want your stock to be packed and dispatched in line with your brand and shipping guidelines.

What's more, Huboo software integrates with almost all eCommerce platforms, so it doesn’t matter where you sell. This allows you to concentrate on doing what you do best, growing your business.

With the added support from Client Success Managers you have the opportunity to make your business thrive with ease. For more information on subscriptions check out Huboo's pricing page

James and James eCommerce Fulfillment.

James and James is a global eCommerce fulfillment service, suitable for proven businesses that are looking to scale up.

Despite being a UK company and subsequently having a UK-based fulfillment center, James and James also operates two other fulfillment centers across the globe, one in the US and the other in New Zealand.

In fact, all three of these warehouses are strategically located, enabling the company to ship to over 240 countries and even offer 9:00 next day delivery to all major cities.

With this in mind, James and James Fulfillment could be a great option if you’re looking to sell into the UK and Europe, North America, Australia and/or South East Asia.

With regards to pricing, you will need to contact the company directly for a specific quote, because as with almost all fulfillment services, the cost will be dependent on a number of factors such as product dimensions and weight, the amount of stock and order volume.

Along with these variable fulfillment costs, James and James Fulfillment does also charge a fixed monthly subscription fee for access to its software and support.

Pickit & Packit.

Based in the UK, Pickit & Packit operates from a 40,000 square foot facility, offering a variety of services to its clients. From order fulfillment to storage and handling, right through to contract packing and a clean room, there's plenty on offer for retailers everywhere.

Although Pickit & Packit can meet the needs of customers from a variety of industries, the company has a primary focus on the following verticals:

  • eCommerce
  • Brewing
  • Cosmetics
  • Food
  • DIY
  • Printing

Something that makes Pickit & Packit stand out is it's clean room facility. This allows the team to provide a cool, hygienic environment, perfect for eCommerce brands that specialize in food, cosmetics, drinks and anything else that requires temperature-controlled storage conditions.

Pickit and Packit servers not only nationwide across the UK but also worldwide. For information on pricing, you will need to make an inquiry through the company's website or alternatively give them a call.

Pro FS (Professional Fulfilment Services).

With fulfillment centers in the UK, Macedonia, Switzerland, Poland and the US, Pro FS (Professional Fulfilment Services) is a global fulfillment service for medium to large sized retailers.

While the fulfillment services offers various logistics services, at the core of their offering is freight, warehousing, pick, pack and dispatch services.

Do keep in mind, however, that they have a minimum order quantity of 2,000 orders per month.

When it comes to storage costs, you should also note that they can either charge by the pallet or picking rack, the latter of which will hold a certain amount of SKU’s depending on size and stock turn.

Rakuten Super Logistics.

With seven warehouses strategically located across the US, Rakuten Super Logistics could be an option worth researching to meet your North American fulfillment needs.

Just some of the benefits for using this US fulfillment center include the option for one-day order fulfillment and guaranteed accuracy – in fact, Rakuten Super Logistics are so confident in their service that in the event of an error, you will be spared the cost.

You should bear in mind that in order to use this service, you will need to fulfill a minimum of 250 orders per month through them. They can also handle as many as 10,000 monthly orders with their Enterprise Plan.

With regards to cost, pricing is largely dependent on order volume and you will need to contact them directly for a quote.

Red Stag Fulfillment.

Red Stag Fulfillment is a US-based fulfillment service, with warehouses in both Tennessee and Utah, making it an option worth considering if you’re looking to reach the US market.

Their same-day pick and pack option also enables you to offer your customers with favorable delivery options, with an order cut-off time as late as 5pm for same-day dispatch.

What’s also great about this fulfillment service is that they don’t tie you in with long-term contracts, nor do they charge on-boarding fees, SKU management fees, account management fees, or any other hidden fees for that matter.

Instead, you will be charged a cost per incoming pallet, a monthly storage fee, a pick and pack fee and an outbound shipping fee. While you will need to contact Red Stag Fulfillment directly for an exact quote, they do claim to offer an affordable fulfillment service by passing on various cost-savings, for example reduced shipping rates.

They also guarantee that your inventory will be stored, handled and shipped safely, with the company further using video tracking to ensure quality control at all times. This, along with the reassurance that they will take full ownership of any damaged or lost inventory, may be particularly beneficial to those of you selling high-value products.

That’s not all though.

Red Stag Fulfillment also offers guarantees that your orders will be shipped on time and without error. In the unlikely occurrence that your orders are dispatched late or incorrectly, Red Stag will fix the problem, deduct the fee for that shipment and pay you $50 for any inconvenience.  


ShipBob is on a mission is to make businesses more successful by providing best in-class fulfillment. More than 7,000 ecommerce businesses use ShipBob. The company can accommodate businesses’ unique needs including B2B orders, international fulfillment and custom packaging. 

What is great about ShipBob is they have a powerful network of fulfillment centers. ShipBob has fulfillment locations across North America, Europe, UK, and Australia, so businesses can determine where to put their inventory to reduce shipping costs and improve how fast orders get to customers. As your business scales, you can easily distribute inventory into additional warehouses over time. 

What’s more, by using ShipBob, teams save 120 hours a week, reduce cart abandonment and increase average order value by 97%.


With over 145 warehouses across Europe, the US, Asia, China and Australia, Shipwire allows for easy reach of both overseas and domestic customers, making it another eCommerce fulfillment service worth considering for your international fulfillment.

In fact, as a result of its vast network infrastructure, Shipwire can offer guaranteed same-day shipping for orders that are sent to the warehouse before the cut-off time.

One thing that is worth keeping in mind though is that Shipwire doesn’t operate its own warehouses and fulfillment centers, instead these are managed by Ingram Micro.

So, what are the costs?

While you will need to contact Shipwire directly for custom quotes, do note that there is a minimum monthly account billing of $500, although this does not apply for the first 90 days.

That said, there are no minimum contract requirements or hidden fees, nor are there any setup or receiving fees. Instead, Shipwire offers flexible pricing, with pay-as-you-go order handling, storage and shipping.

Sprint Logistics.

London-based eCommerce fulfillment service, Sprint Logistics, is another option worth considering if you’re looking to outsource your domestic and/or international fulfillment.

With a warehousing network spanning the UK, US, Middle East and Europe, they are able to fulfill your orders whenever, and to wherever, you need it.

They also have a 99.9% accuracy rate, one of the highest in the industry, and the means to keep you and your customers updated in real-time, as well as 24/7 customer service.


Storeship is another UK-based eCommerce fulfillment service, with the option to fulfill your orders internationally.

With regards to the cost of using Storeship, there is a fixed fulfillment fee per order, along with storage costs, postage costs and an optional eCommerce integration fee. There is also a one-off set up fee of £100, payable only after the first month of service.

Keep in mind that the fulfillment fee will be dependent on variables such as the destination and packaging, however Storeship claim to have some of the lowest fees in the market, with fulfillment fees starting from as little as 50p.

As with any fulfillment service, storage costs will vary depending on the amount of inventory you store, although it is worth noting that Storeship can charge per shelf, pallet space of part used.

Not only do they have no minimum order quantity, but there is also no minimum contract period, making them a flexible fulfillment option.


Although Whistl’s delivery services extend beyond fulfillment, they do offer a bespoke pick and pack fulfillment service for domestic and international distribution, from their warehousing facilities across the UK.

Within these warehouses, they can also handle hanging garments – suitable for clothing retailers in particular – and can fulfill almost any product of any size and weight.

As with many fulfillment services, through their partnerships with the majority of UK and international couriers, they are also able to pass on cost-effective prices, regardless of destination.

Whistl do offer some specific benefits though.

By using their fulfillment services you can take advantage of the option to add bespoke messaging to your parcels – for example enabling your customers to add gift messaging – as well as gift wrapping options and customer packing options.

Stay safe and stay vigilant.

We understand that this is a stressful time for online retailers across the world. We are here to help where we can, so please drop any questions below or get in touch with us directly.

If you are a Linnworks user, then please note that our software has a few direct integrations on this list. To utilize those that are not, you can set up an automated and scheduled CSV import and export via FTP/SFTP/ HTTP. Don't hesitate to drop us a line should you need further help. 

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