eBay: the danger of duplicate listings

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With eBay’s increased attention to their duplicate listing policy, we’ve found that some of our sellers have been (intentionally or otherwise) falling foul of this policy. This can place your account with eBay in jeopardy, so we’ve made a change to help limit any potential incidents when using Linnworks, either by itself or in conjunction with other software.

eBay’s duplicate listing policy 

Changes to Linnworks and eBay functionality

Linnworks will now run a check when it tries to automatically relist a product – if an active, fixed-price listing with a duplicate title is found, it will not be relisted a second time.

If you have existing listings with duplicate titles which you’d like to keep running, we’d recommend updating the title so it is unique wherever possible.

Should you sell in one of the rare categories that allows multiple fixed-price listings, such as automotive parts, we would recommend the ‘Out of Stock’ feature. Please contact us should you have any queries on that front.

Duplicate listing report

We’ve developed a query called “eBay Duplicate Listings” that will look for active listings on the channel that match the same criteria (are both fixed price and have a duplicate title) and display them in the results, so you can make adjustments.*

To access this report, simply go to Dashboard> Query Data and select the “eBay Duplicate Listings” report from the query type drop down.


If you’re using our new updated inventory synchronization process for eBay (also known as Event Dispatcher) then this update will be applied automatically.**

We hope you’ll find this new functionality useful, and please do not hesitate to contact our support team if you have any questions.

*This is available under Dashboards, Query Data. Bear in mind this is based on what Linnworks ‘thinks’ is active, so will not always be 100% accurate in some scenarios, but is a good tool to identify potential problems.

**If you’re unsure whether you’re currently on the new sync, then please contact our support team who should be able to confirm this for you, and who can also migrate you to the new sync process if you wish.