How Automated Order Processing Benefits Your Business & Drives Revenue

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Automated ordering processes are a valuable asset for online businesses. They allow customers to quickly and easily place orders without requiring manual steps or third-party services. Automated ordering processes not only streamline the ordering process but can also help boost sales, improve customer satisfaction and decrease overhead costs.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the various benefits automated order processing can provide to an online business and how automated ordering processes can help drive revenue. Read on to learn more about automated ordering processes and why they should be a part of any successful ecommerce strategy.

What Is Automated Order Processing?

Automated order processing is a modern technology that enables ecommerce businesses to streamline their processes using predetermined and customizable steps or rules for orders to follow as they come in. For instance, if an order needs to be shipped to the UK, an automated system could determine that the order should come from a UK warehouse instead of a US-based warehouse.

These systems also automate the routine steps involved in placing orders, including confirming payment details and inventory availability and sending automated emails with confirmations and shipping information. This provides businesses with more accuracy, speed and efficiency for online businesses, allowing them to quickly and accurately fulfill customer orders.

Benefits Of Using Automated Order Processing

  1. Improved order accuracy: Automated ordering processes help reduce order errors and ensure that customers receive what they request by reducing human error involved in the fulfillment process.
  2. Streamlined process: Automating the ordering process can create an efficient workflow and faster processing times for orders.
  3. Increased customer satisfaction: Automated orders are often more accurate and faster to process, leading to happier customers and less stress for your customer service team.
  4. Reduced costs: Faster and more accurate fulfillment means lower costs for you, especially when considering reduced customer return costs.
  5. Increased scalability: With automated processes, businesses can scale up or down as needed without manually adjusting every aspect of their operations.

Risks To Using Automated Order Processing

  1. Some automated order processing can be costly to set up and maintain, requiring additional software, hardware and staff training. (Thankfully, Linnworks doesn’t fall into this category!)
  2. If automated ordering processes are not configured properly or fail to recognize customer data accurately, there could be delays in orders being processed and shipped.
  3. Automated order processing may not be compatible with existing systems, requiring additional modifications or investments to integrate these automated ordering processes into an ecommerce business. In the ecommerce industry, integration capabilities are make or break for functionality.

In our opinion, the benefits of automated order processing far outweigh these risks, especially when using the providers we have listed below.

How Can I Use Automated Order Processing To Drive Revenue

Businesses can drive new revenue for their ecommerce business with these processes in the following ways:

  1. Helps meet customer expectations by reducing wait times and enabling them to quickly and easily make purchases. This can lead to improved customer loyalty, repeat visits and increased revenue for the business
  2. Reduce time spent managing orders and eliminate the need for manual data entry
  3. Reduce fulfillment costs associated with excess stock
  4. Create detailed reports that provide a better understanding of customer buying habits
  5. Reduce human errors and increase fulfillment accuracy

Platforms For Automated Order Processing

Here is a short list of platforms you might consider when you want to start automating your order processing for your business.


Linnworks is a leading automated ordering process platform that helps businesses streamline their operations. By using Linnworks, businesses can easily manage and optimize stock levels across multiple channels and marketplaces by integrating with Amazon, eBay, Magento and more sales channels. With automated order processing, businesses can save time while also increasing order accuracy and customer satisfaction.

See all of Linnworks software features here to understand how we help growing ecommerce retailers.

Adobe Commerce

Adobe Commerce offers an automated ordering process for online businesses of all sizes. Their system allows customers to place orders seamlessly without entering details such as inventory, billing or shipping informd ation. This automated process helps reduce human error and streamline the ordering process.


Brightpearl helps companies reduce overhead costs and increase efficiency by automating manual business processes. With Brightpearl, businesses can automate essential tasks such as order tracking, account reconciliation, automated invoicing and more. Brightpearl also offers detailed analytics and reporting tools to help business owners make informed decisions about their operations.


Orderhive enables online businesses to track inventory better, automate orders and increase workflow efficiency. With Orderhive’s automated ordering process, businesses can quickly place orders with suppliers, receive automated confirmation emails and track order status from the web-based dashboard.


Skubana offers companies complete control over their supply chain, allowing them to track orders, inventory levels and shipments in real-time. It also allows you to create automated reordering, fulfillment and returns workflows seamlessly. Skubana also integrates with major ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Magento and more, so you can quickly and easily manage all your orders from a single platform.


How can automated order processing benefit an online business?

Automated order processing increases customer satisfaction by improving response times, accuracy and efficiency. Additionally, automated order processes can help businesses identify potential ordering trends and insights that can be used to improve their product or service offerings. These systems can also reduce costs typically associated with manual processes, such as labor and paper costs.

What kind of automated order processes are available for ecommerce businesses?

The most common automated system for ecommerce businesses is the automation of fulfillment processes. This involves compiling pick lists, printing shipping labels and assisting in the quality assurance process all with automated assistance.

What should be considered when selecting automated order processing solutions?

Like when investing in any new process or system, ecommerce companies should consider their budget, the integration capabilities needed, required features for success and the implementation resources needed.

How can automated order processing be improved?

Automated ordering processes can be improved by regularly monitoring the performance of systems and by using any reporting or analytical tools that are baked in. These can allow companies to accurately monitor how everything is running and identify any areas for improvement. 

Another idea is to keep in regular communication with customer support personnel from the automated order system company to always hear the latest product updates that could improve performance.

Final Thoughts

Ecommerce automated ordering processes are a great way to ensure that your online store runs efficiently and effectively. Not only do automated ordering processes streamline the order process for your employees, but they also help you save time and money on costs associated with manually fulfilling orders.