A Complete List Of Amazon Events In The UK And Europe

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As an Amazon seller, it’s important to stay on top of the latest news, trends and feature releases so that you can sell more products and maintain a competitive edge.

Attending Amazon events and eCommerce conferences is a great way to keep an eye on what the industry experts are saying and meet a community of like-minded individuals.

But which eCommerce events are the best bang for your buck if you’re selling on Amazon?

We’ve compiled together a complete list of Amazon events across the UK and Europe so that you can decide which online retailing conferences to attend in 2019 and 2020.

Amazon events in the United Kingdom.


Date: 13th March 2020
Location: Manchester, UK
Price: Free-£60.00 (including VAT)

Amafest is a renowned ecommerce conference in Manchester that’s targeted to Amazon Seller Central and Amazon Vendor Central users.

Meet a large network of Amazon sellers and gain all the latest information to stay on top of the leading trends within the industry and learn the global rules for success with online marketplaces.

Highlights from the previous year’s agenda include:

  • Steps to Amazon keywords research and content audit by Emanuele Arosio
  • Cross border eCommerce panel – best practices and strategies with David Garcia Ruiz, Susan Roe, John Cant and Alex Podopryhora
  • Getting ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday by Danny McMillan
  • 8 Ways to boost your Amazon ads by Max Hofmann

Amafest is organised by Online Seller UK, which is a national training organisation that aims to help online businesses with eCommerce and digital marketing.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Summit London.

Date: 2020 dates TBC – usually May
Location: London, UK
Price: Free

Hosted by Amazon itself – and with more than 12,000 attendees, 40+ speakers and 60+ sessions – the AWS Summit London is certainly not an eCommerce event to miss.

In fact, the Amazon Web Services summit brings together the cloud computing industry to connect, collaborate and learn more about AWS together.

Featured topics tend to include migration, app modernisation, AI/ML, data analytics, FSI security and compliance, start-ups and DevOps. At AWS, you’ll be diving deep into core topics delivered by subject matter experts, partners and expert customers.

The one-day Amazon event is made up of main keynote presentations and optional breakout sessions. Learn from eCommerce specialists who draw on real-life experience and share the lessons they’ve learned along the way to help you grow.

Previous presentation highlights include:

  • How to choose the right database for your workload
  • Deep dive on Amazon managed Blockchain
  • Architecting security and governance across your AWS environment
  • Building intelligent apps using AI services

Amazon Academy.

Date: Various dates throughout the year
Location: North West, North East, South East, West Midlands, Scotland and Wales
Price: Free

Amazon Academy is an eCommerce event that happens up and down the country on different dates throughout the year, hosted by Enterprise Nation.

The general format of each Amazon event is as follows:

  • AM:Sellers find out how to make the most of their digital opportunity as a small business with insight from Amazon, Enterprise Nation and other independent experts and successful entrepreneurs.
  • PM:Go behind the scenes in an Amazon fulfilment centre to see what happens when a customer clicks “buy” on Amazon.

Amazon workshops hosted by Online Seller UK.

Date: Various dates throughout the year
Location: Manchester, London, Birmingham, Bristol, Nottingham, Cardiff, Leeds, Newport, Liverpool, Brighton, Newcastle and Cardiff
Price: £150+

Online Seller UK is a digital marketing and training consultancy that offers a range of premium and intensive Amazon workshops. Most of these are limited to one or two days.

For example, the agency’s next event is titled Amazon Marketing Services and SEO Training course, based in Manchester. Some key areas of this workshop include:

  • Best practices for optimising product content
  • Automatic campaigns versus manual campaigns
  • Best campaign structure
  • Understanding Amazon PPC metrics
  • Managing bids
  • Analyse search terms reports

Online Seller UK also offers professional Amazon seller training, Amazon vendor masterclass training, and other course topics including eBay, Google and general marketing tactics.

Amazon Business Exchange.

Date: 2020 dates TBC – usually October
Location: London, UK
Price: Free to attend for senior procurement and supply professionals

Hosted by Amazon Business, the Amazon Business Exchange beings together procurement, finance and supply chain leaders to find out how Amazon can help innovate and build agile, efficient processes and organisations.

Although we have missed out on this year’s event, previous topics include:

  • Data, analytics and procurement KPIs
  • Managing organisational change and disruption
  • Design thinking and innovation
  • Feature releases and product updates

Seller Sessions Live.

Date: 9thMay 2020
Location: London, UK
Price: £349 (early bird, will increase to £399)

Founded by one of the best Amazon experts within the United Kingdom and previous Linn Academyguest speaker – Danny McMillan – Seller Sessions Live is a highly regarded brand in the Amazon FBA community.

You can learn progressive marketing innovations, real-world tactics and the disruptive strategies that are helping to power the top Amazon sellers and agencies in 2020.

Seller Sessions Live offers a great opportunity to network with experienced Amazon sellers, build valuable connections and develop relationships to grow your business.

Amazon Vendor Strategy Day.

Date: 23rdJanuary 2020
Location: London, UK
Price: £249 + £49.80 VAT (early bird, ends 15thNovember, standard is £299)

Next year will see Amazon Vendor Strategy Day once again return to London to help you and other marketplace sellers increase sales and manage your businesses more efficiently.

At the eCommerce event, you’ll find out how to devise a profitable strategy from experienced Amazon sellers and industry experts in order to grow your sales, maintain a competitive edge and become agile.

Seasoned vendors on Amazon will take to the stage to share real-life stories about their experiences on the marketplaces. Understand how they managed and overcame challenges and learn from their best practices.

Linn Academy.

Date: 2020 dates TBC – September/October time
Location: Birmingham, UK
Price: £100-£500

Every year, Linn Academy brings together more than 1,000 online sellers, industry experts and globally recognised keynote speakers to help you build your eCommerce empire.

Although multiple important topics are covered in the one-day event, there is a strong focus on Amazon and how to grow your business on the marketplace.

For example, there are Amazon panel talks, where successful Amazon sellers share their experiences and Amazon specialists discuss future trends and industry tips.

The one-day eCommerce event often has Amazon experts on both stages, such as Danny McMillan of Seller Sessions Live, to dive into specific topics and share practical advice.

Amazon events in Europe.

European Seller Conference.

Date: March 12th-13th 2020
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Price: €399 (early bird, standard price €529)

The European Seller Conference is one of the largest eCommerce conferences for Amazon sellers in Europe, bringing together more than 200 private label sellers across 40 countries.

You’ll gain real life knowledge that you can put into practice as soon as you get home and learn insight from industry experts.

The Amazon event spans across two days, and then the day after is for advanced workshops; intensive one-day training sessions to build a multi-million Amazon empire. However, these workshops do cost more money to attend.

Over 200 successful private label sellers across 40 countries, main event for Amazon sellers in Europe. Gain real life knowledge to put into practice straight away. Insights from industry experts. Network with experienced international Amazon sellers.

Previous guest speakers at the eCommerce event include:

  • Danny McMillan (Seller Sessions)
  • Vladi Gordon (Sellerboard)
    Paulina Masson (Founder of Shopkeeper and Amazon FBA private label seller)

Private Label Days & Amalyze.

Date: 2020 dates TBC – usually July
Location: Hamburg, Germany (German-speaking event)
Price: €149-€299 + VAT

With more than 500 attendees, Private Label Days & Amalyze is a two-day eCommerce event to provide marketplace sellers with a wide range of expert lectures on topics such as marketing, pricing and law.

Previous 2019 agenda talks include:

  • Strategies for new advertising opportunities in Amazon advertising
  • Step by step guide to getting started with Amazon FBA
  • Automation of Amazon seller processes
  • Best practice in logistics – 5 concrete ways to improve cost efficiency

The conference also runs separate Amazon workshops limited to a small group of participants, covering in-depth topics such as product sourcing and Amazon SEO.

PPC Congress.

Date: 2020 dates TBC – usually October
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Price: €599 for Amazon sellers, €699 for PPC agencies/consultants

Want to learn more about Amazon PPC? Then PPC Congress is the ideal conference for you.

In a similar vein to other Amazon events, the first two days showcase the whole conference, with an extra day afterwards to provide advanced mastermind workshops with selected Amazon PPC experts.

Previous agenda highlights have included industry talks on:

  • Advanced PPC strategies for products that sell more than 1,000 a month
  • How to drive keyword ranking through strategic PPC
  • The truth about bid placement and dynamic ads

Amazon Sales Congress.

Date: 14th-15thJanuary 2020
Location: Berlin, Germany (German-speaking event)
Price: €1295 + VAT

Amazon Sales Congress – a German-speaking Amazon event – is one of the only eCommerce conferences that provides separate programmes for both vendors and sellers.

The main conference is held on the first day, with interactive and intensive workshops happening the day after.

Examples of conference talks include:

  • Growth hacking
  • The truth about DSP advertising on Amazon
  • Private label + merchandise vs. Amazon – who wins?

And a few examples of workshops on offer are as follows:

  • Management of Amazon content, marketing and controlling for 10k+ SKUs
  • Negotiating with Amazon or managing my business without a vendor manager
  • The most important levers for the optimisation of the campaign
  • Top Alexa skills and what we should learn about voice search

Amazon World Convention.

Date: 10th-11thMarch 2020
Location: Munich, Germany (German-speaking event)
Price: €490-€690 + VAT

Amazon World Convention takes place during the Internet World Expo, which is known to be the biggest eCommerce trade fair in Europe with more than 19,000 visitors.

The two-day Amazon event is packed with expert lectures and workshops themed around growing your business on the marketplace.

The guest speakers are specialists in their respective fields, sharing their insight on how to attract more product page views, achieve higher conversion rates and prepare better product presentations on Amazon.

Examples of talks include:

  • Comparative facts and figures relating to the Amazon marketplace
  • Innovation and trends in the Amazon market now and outlook for 2021
  • What is new with Amazon? What does it mean for sellers and manufacturers?
  • Amazon analytics and performance marketing
  • Targeting and retargeting with Amazon DSP
  • Best practices in campaign optimisation for Amazon PPC

Merchant Day.

Date: 8thMay 2020
Location: Hannover, Germany (German-speaking event)
Price: €149 (super early bird)

Having started out with just 20 participants, Merchant Day has since grown into an internationally renowned eCommerce conference, welcoming more than 800 Amazon sellers and industry experts each year.

All guest speakers have experience in their respective fields, such as Amazon SEO, performance marketing, Google Shopping and other marketplaces and platforms.

At Merchant Day, you’ll gain practical knowledge, learn from success stories and receive a ton of insights on Amazon, eBay, Google and other platforms.

Join hundreds of like-minded people for advanced lectures, workshops and networking opportunities to help you grow your Amazon business.

There’s even an after-party with live music, premium buffet and a free bar.

A few examples of previous talks include:

  • Find the best levels in the Amazon marketing mix:Retail readiness, branding and advertising
  • From offline to online – how to revive online commerce with targeted print marketing
  • Product attribute training (PAT) – new marketing features, new strategies on Amazon
  • Why the use of artificial intelligence in eCommerce becomes a game changer

Attend Amazon events to stay ahead of the competition.

Attending a selection of eCommerce conferences throughout the year is a great tactic for business growth as you hear all about the latest industry trends, gain practical advice and real-world tips and meet network with a community of like-minded individuals.

Amazon events provide a great depth of knowledge and insight into the nuances of the online marketplace.

As the platform is highly competitive and ever-changing, attending relevant industry sessions can help you to stay one step ahead of your competition and increase your sales.

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