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Linnworks empowers brands to sell better by connecting commerce everywhere, so you don't miss an opportunity to grow revenues wherever your customers are.

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Empowering brands

Who we are.

Linnworks is a software-as-a-service commerce platform that puts commerce control at the center of your business, ensuring your business systems are seamlessly connected so the brand is in control.

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Our mission

To help brands sell better.

Business is becoming ever more complex. Technology is changing at an unprecedented pace, the online selling market is increasingly crowded and noisy.

At the same time, there have never been more exciting new ways to unlock a business potential, connect with our clients, and give them a great experience.

We are specialists in helping brands sell better. We want to be the best at what we do. And we want to help our clients achieve their business goals too, so they can continually dream bigger and aim higher.

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Our purpose

Growing commerce.

Linnworks empowers brands to sell better by connecting commerce everywhere, so they grow revenues wherever their customers are.

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Our history

How we came into the world.

From our founding as a company, our ways of working have grown and evolved.

2005 – Our humble beginnings

Fedor Dzjuba and Jegor Possashkov formed a development company, later to be knows as Linn Systems Ltd... Fed is still a Director of the business and can often be found in the Chichester office (we don’t think he has a home).

2007 – Way back in 2007

Fed was selling things on eBay, as you do, and he built himself a program to download order details from eBay for his own use.

2008 – Selling software

Fed started selling the software on eBay, and people started buying it! After a while, customers started asking for features to be added.

2009 – Adding features

So Fed started to add features… and customers asked for more… this was becoming a full-time job… during this time Linn Systems launched its first Linnworks Local product and made its first official sale.

2010 – An opportunity arises

And so it was that Fed and his co-founders moved into a real office space. Linnworks launched Linnworks Anywhere, our first cloud-based product.

2011 /12 – It got real

The market took to Linnworks, and so did its largest players. Having gone cloud-based, we joined the eBay Accelerated Growth Program and dazzled the masses with our bulk listing tool and Amazon repricing tool. As a result of the growth, the first Linnworks employee joined the team! This marked the start of the growth of the Linnfamily, and we moved into our Chichester and Tallinn offices.

2013 – We grew fast

We grew fast in 2013, the team increased to 54 people and 3000 registered customers, becoming recognized as a leader in the field of online selling and Cross Border Trade. We also held our first Linn Academy in a small but mighty way! In those days it was more like a user group, but this planted the seed for bigger things to come.

2014 – The US

We branched out to the US.

2015 – The next level

We held our next level Linn Academy at the Microsoft Head Offices - fancy!

2016 – Expansion

The team expanded to 75, and we celebrated the soft-launch of - a monumental moment in the history of Linn Systems - as the power of the desktop application is offered in a browser-based system. We held an even bigger and better Linn Academy conference, and it’s now tradition to make them bigger and better each year.

2017 – New CEO

Callum Campbell joined us as our new CEO… exciting times!

2018 – New offices

We opened our London and Austin offices and buckled down to continue our quiet expansion.

2021 and beyond. And we are still here!

2020 will go down as an extraordinary year in world history due to the global Covid-19 Pandemic. In response Linnworks moved swiftly to a remote operating model and continued to provide our services without skipping a beat. A testament to our team spirit and our customer centricity if ever there was one. The eCommerce market experienced a massive surge, with more people than ever shopping online, and more traders than ever turning to us to get them into the omni-channel marketplace.  

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