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Empowering ecommerce businesses everywhere

We help ecommerce businesses streamline their operations from end-to-end. With greater data visibility and transparency, companies of all sizes can quickly identify inefficiencies, reduce operational costs and focus on growing their business.

We do this in three ways: by automating time-consuming processes, connecting you to a diverse number of marketplaces, and bringing orders, listings, marketplace integrations, inventory, warehouses and fulfillment together under one roof – giving you back the time and control you need to be successful.

Two companies, one vision

Linnworks and SkuVault were born out of the same vision: to make ecommerce simple for everyone. Linnworks, with its robust multichannel order management and stock control system, and SkuVault, an inventory and warehouse management powerhouse, have each reshaped the ecommerce landscape in their own way.

In 2022, Linnworks and SkuVault merged, bringing together their shared experience, insights, and innovative solutions. Together, Linnworks and SkuVault continue to strive towards that same goal: making ecommerce operations easier, more efficient, and accessible for everyone.

Note: SkuVault’s products are currently only available in North America.

ISO 27001 Certification

Linnworks is thrilled to have ISO 27001 certification, showcasing our commitment to information security. ISO 27001, an internationally recognized standard, outlines the prerequisites for an Information Security Management System (ISMS). An ISMS is a structured framework encompassing policies, processes, and procedures designed to assist organizations in effectively addressing information security risks.

This certification is a testament to Linnworks’ adherence to global standards for managing information security, instilling confidence in our customers and partners that their valuable data is well-protected.

Our values

We work as one

We work as a united team, prioritizing mutual respect, inclusion and belonging. Our goal is to cultivate a supportive environment where everyone feels heard and valued.

We act with integrity

We believe in being honest, transparent, and accountable in all that we do, not just with each other and our customers, but in the solutions we build and the support we provide.



We embrace growth

We foster a culture of continuous learning and personal development, think outside the box to support our customers’ growth, and help ecommerce businesses achieve extraordinary things.

Who we are

We believe in making brands better – both through our product and everyday interactions. We’re also just really nice people. If that sounds like you, then you should come work with us.

January 2023
Arrival of CEO Chris Timmer
September 2022
4,000+ customers
August 2022
Linnworks acquires SkuVault
July 2021
Received growth equity funding from Marlin to accelerate efforts
First US Linnworks employee
Callum Campbell joins as Linnworks first CEO
Opened Chichester and Tallinn offices
SkuVault is founded in Louisville, USA
Linnworks is founded in Chichester, England


Offices in Tallinn

Offices in Louisville, KY

Offices in Chichester & London

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