Product Update Prepare for Peak

Welcome to our latest product update, preparing for peak. We’re constantly looking to improve the Linnworks platform and we understand how important the peak period is for sellers across the globe to get right.

This is why we’ve made improvements to features, released new products and created some important resources to help you not only navigate the busy peak period, but excel. We’ve made innovations and upgrades across our entire service.

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- Boost productivity -
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Chris Gates
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Boost productivity for peak and beyond

Automate repeatable tasks. New feature available in beta.

Action Chains allows you to configure a set of actions to happen in sequence and only on orders that meet specific criteria. This functionality helps to speed up and automate order processing as well as reduce possible human errors. 

Join the waitlist! Current users can email to get on the waitlist.

Automate fulfilment decisions

Fulfilment Networks.

  • Create groups of locations and arrange locations in order of priority sequence. 
  • Automatically route orders to the correct fulfilment locations based on stock availability.
  • If there is no stock in the first stock location, the system will automatically route the orders to the next most appropriate fulfilment location.
  • You can also configure automation rules to make the system automatically determine which orders need to be routed to respective fulfilment networks.
  • Get access! Email to get access to Fulfilment Networks
With Linnworks, everything is integrated automatically and linked together. All we need to do is press a button and then it’s out the door. There could be 10,000 orders the next day, and they’re still going to be processed.
David Feakins,
Founder, RC Geeks.

Go further with automation

Prepare for peak with the Linnworks full automation.

Alongside Action Chains, we also have a host of other automation tools to make your day to day more efficient during peak.

Watch our full masterclass aimed at preparing you for peak below:

Boost productivity for peak and beyond: Speed

Because nobody wants to be stuck on a loading screen.

We’re helping you to spend time on what really matters, a recent improvement we’ve made is to the ‘Open Orders search’ which has improved by 73% due to recent work and updates, meaning you’ll be able to search for orders much quicker.

This is one of many improvements being worked on for Open Orders and there’s much more to come!

Sellers from across the world have joined Linnwork’s due to the reliability and speed of our product, and that’s something we’re looking to continue to invest in.

73% speed increase.
“Great time saver.”
“Great software to connect modern ecommerce”
“A good solution for multi-marketplace retailers”
“Couldn’t manage our business without it”
“A pretty solid inventory/order management platform for our business”
- New integrations -

Expand your ecommerce stack

New Integrations to help you grow

Connect to new channels, add new workflows or expand into social, we’ve added a host of new integrations into the Linnworks platform with more to come.

Tap into social commerce with TikTok

Showcase and sell products to the global TikTok community of 1.6 billion monthly users directly through in-feed videos, live streams, and a public showcase tab.

Available in the Linnworks app store.

Explore TikTok integration

Deliver personal experiences with Klaviyo

Get insights on your buyer order data so you can create purposefully personalized marketing that drives repeat business and grows revenue.

Available in the Linnworks app store.

Explore Klaviyo integration

Make shipping and fulfillment stress-free with ShipMonk

Streamline your fulfillment operations across all your channels with hyper-efficient picking and packing, fine-tuned shipping services, and custom API integrations.

Available in the Linnworks app store.

Explore ShipMonk integration

Over 100+ integrations to choose from

- Forecasting in peak -

Get your stock right before, during and after peak

Stay ahead of demand shifts during peak

Are you concerned about your demand planning this peak season? You aren’t alone in that. Spreadsheets or guesswork might work great usually, but ahead of peak it’s important to maximize your peak season profit and avoid being caught out. 

In June, we launched two new Stock Forecasting dashboards that will give you greater visibility and transparency over your stock levels with actionable insights - available to all stock forecasting customers.

Get inventory forecasts and buying recommendations you can count on (no matter what peak throws your way)

New: stock forecasting dashboard

  • Make it easy for your whole team to understand, track and act on insights related to stock.
  • Accurately forecast future sales based on past peak performance and other factors.
  • See available products, incoming orders, and sales-based stock risks, enabling quick data-driven decision-making.
  • Manage stock forecasting across warehouse locations.

New: replenishment dashboard

  • Get accurate replenishment recommendations based on your stock forecasting data.
  • Filter by priority and create purchase orders from your chosen supplier.
  • Replenish stock to the level needed to meet demand.
- Extra flexibility for customers -

Enhance your buyers experience

Introducing BOPIS : Manage collection orders for both Shopify and Amazon in Linnworks. 

BOPIS (Buy online, pickup in store) is a service that allows buyers to place orders online and then go to the store/warehouse to pick them up instead of waiting for orders to be delivered. In Shopify, this service is called local pickup for online orders. BOPIS benefits:

  • Update order status as Ready for Collection in Linnworks, which will mark the order as Ready for Pickup on Shopify and Amazon.
  • Filter orders using the Collection identifier.
  • Advertise your BOPIS locations’ inventory availability on the respective Shopify and Amazon stores.

Local pickup for your Amazon orders

Local pickup for your Shopify locations

Local pickup for your Ebay locations


Offer multiple collection slots to customers

Updates to Amazon shipping

With the latest amazon shipping update, you can now add multiple collection slots per day, meaning less delays and a smoother experience for customers during peak periods.

Read more about Amazon shipping
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- Product roadmap -

What’s coming soon?

See a snapshot of what we’re working on

Local pickup for your Amazon orders


Listings Improvements

Process higher volumes of listings

We’re making improvements to our listing functionality, you’ll soon be able to upload more than 500 products at one time to channels of your choice. (500 is the current limit).

Manage your supply chain

Multi Delivery for PO’s

You’ll soon be able to have multiple delivery dates associated with a single purchase order from your supplier. 

WMS Improvements

Introducing Pickwave naming and groups

Customers who use the Linnworks Warehouse management solution will soon be able to create a group of pickwaves under the same name, creating clarity in the warehouse. 

Better Tote & Tray Support

Expanded support for .net

You’ll be able to work with totes and trays in the .net dispatch console, just like you can on Linnworks Mobile.

More flexibility for customers

EBAY BOPIS coming soon

As mentioned in the update above, we’ll be launching Ebay BOPIS in the coming months. 

Upcoming integrations

Commerce connectors coming soon

LIGHTSPEED X-SERIES POS Quickbooks Backmarket / Backship TikTok US

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Trusted in peak

Great time saver
David Feakins,
Founder, RC Geeks.

What do you like best about Linnworks?

As a sole trader who works alone, I need to find time savings wherever I can especially in peak periods. Linnworks does precisely that.

Linnworks has also helped Buy Wholefoods Online when it comes to growth and handling a bigger capacity because it’s scalable. Arthur mentions, “If we get twice as busy [during], for example, peak periods, I know Linnworks can handle it. I’m confident that it just works and is reliable.”

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Buy Wholefoods

Rinkit has been able to automate a number of manual tasks to improve day to day business efficiency. Certain daily tasks, such as sorting through orders, have been removed from the process entirely, making the team more efficient and able to cope with the large volume of orders coming in each day, as well as the influx in sales over peak periods.

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