Expand your reach as a seller on Michaels’ third-party marketplace with the Linnworks Integration. 

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Michaels Marketplace integration interface.

Michaels Integration for arts & crafts sellers

One central location to manage your
Michaels listings, orders and inventory.

Achieve Total Commerce with Linnworks and Michaels.

Listing management

  • Be in full control of customer facing listing information such as titles, descriptions, images and more.
  • Save time with listing templates and bulk actions to create, edit andmanage listings.
  • Streamline key tasks such as automatically pushing and synching product listings and any updates from Linnworks to Michaels.

Order management

  • Channel orders can be automatically downloaded into Linnworks.
  • Orders can be downloaded to
    and inventory updates sent fromspecific locations.
  • Orders on the channel can be markedas shipped and provided with the tracking number and shipping service
    name via Linnworks.

Inventory management

  • Linnworks can automatically
    send changes in stock levels to
    the channel.
  • Channel listings can be linked toLinnworks inventory items for stocklevel and price updates.

Shipping management

  • Remove manual processes in shipping management with automated shipping allocation.
  • Linnworks can assign the correct postal service method to the downloaded orders and print the appropriate labels to ensure a seamless post purchase experience.

Price sync

  • Never worry about selling stock over or underpriced. Linnworks auto updates prices on every sales channel minutes after prices are adjusted.


  • Measure Michaels channel performance alongside all other sales channels and performance metrics.

Why do buyers love Michaels?

Reach millions of arts & crafts

  • Michaels is North America’s number one specialty retailer of arts, crafts, framing, floral, wall décor, and seasonal merchandise for Makers and do-it-yourself home decorators.
  • Access 20 million monthly consumers through the first Arts & Crafts specialty marketplace in the US.
  • Shoppers can benefit from reward points by being part of the #1 Arts & Crafts loyalty program in the US. 

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Get started on Michaels

Why start selling on Michaels?


Maintain full control over your marketplace activities – including pricing, product listings, content, and returns. 


Simple to use – Painless integration and item setup via API, integration partners, or web portal. 


Free to install – There are no listing or set up fees. The Michaels integration is free for all Linnworks users.

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