The Linnworks Second-Hand Consumer Survey 2024

The rise of reselling: Secondhand consumer Insights and Strategies for Resellers

Second-hand selling is on the rise — but what do consumers really want? What motivates — or discourages — them from making a second-hand purchase?

Our survey of 2,000 US consumers dives deep into their buying habits and motivations, providing actionable insights to guide your online selling strategy. Learn what today’s shoppers want from the second-hand experience and discover what it means for retailers.

Is your business ready for the booming second-hand market?

Key Findings:

  • The Second-Hand Boom: 45% of consumers are buying more second-hand than ever, highlighting a shift towards sustainable and affordable shopping.
  • Fashion Leads the Way: Clothing is king, with 40% of consumers drawn to second-hand apparel. This trend presents a massive opportunity.
  • Market Here to Stay: A whopping 68% of consumers have made second-hand purchases in the last year, showcasing widespread interest.
  • Transparency is Key: Concerns about product condition and lack of transparency are top consumer worries. Building trust is crucial!
  • Price is a Powerhouse: Saving money is the primary driver for second-hand shoppers (64%). Cater to their budget-conscious needs.

Ready to tap into this thriving market?

Whether you’re an established online reseller, or you’re just getting ready to dip a toe in the second-hand market, these insights will help refine, reshape, and revolutionize the way you sell.

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