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Why a responsive design for your ecommerce website is so important.

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Mobile-first is a must for all websites to optimise conversion and search rankings. As part of your overall customer experience strategy, a mobile responsive website is critical to driving performance and conversions during the purchase process, but also impacts on whether customers will return to your site.

Up to 90% of shoppers say their experience with mobile commerce could be better.

Mobile responsiveness is a must for business.

Responsive designs could make or break your online business. A mobile responsive design means your website adapts dynamically for the screen and device it's being viewed on. This ensures your website will still adapt to the myriad of desktops, tablets and smartphone screen sizes that a customer could potentially be using to view your website

Since search engines such as Google are penalizing websites that don't cater to mobile users, businesses risk having their pages buried in the search results if their website doesn't respond to the viewing device.

How responsive themes help SEO.

One of the easiest ways to cater to mobile users is by having a responsive theme for your website. Responsive designs change based on how they are accessed.

This ensures that they are operational and readable. Image sizes, fonts and general layout may change so that it is easier fit to a small mobile screen.

Google's algorithm even penalizes websites in the search results if they don't have a responsive design, leading to an overall drop in traffic.

The biggest reason why having a responsive theme for your ecommerce site is so important is that it makes it easier to make spontaneous purchases.

Mobile users are often searching for a product or service when they need it, rather than desktop users who are often browsing the web leisurely. They don't typically use their phones to research businesses, instead making more impulse purchases.

Having a responsive design ensures that your ecommerce site loads quickly and allows people to purchase from you while on their phones, leading to an increase in both traffic and sales.

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