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Meet The Marketplace: Unlock your global ecommerce potential with Wish.

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Meet the marketplace.

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In the session, Unlock Your Global Ecommerce Potential with Wish, Alan Small, Head of EMEA Business Development & Global Partnerships at Wish, shared how the app is offering an engaging and entertaining shopping experience for value conscious customers. Online consumers are able to browse products from a personalized curated news feed that updates regularly with new items the buyer is likely interested in. 


  • How the Wish app works
  • Who is using the app to shop
  • Ways to succeed in the marketplace
  • How to increase your seller rating

Unlock your global ecommerce potential with Wish

Wish is one of the most downloaded mobile ecommerce platforms in the world – bringing an affordable and entertaining shopping experience for millions of global consumers. There are 46 million yearly active buyers, and it’s available in more than 60 countries.

“We’re mobile first,” Small says, which attributes to the highly visual experience. At least 90 percent of user activity and purchases occur within the app. 

Wish is a discovery-based platform, with over 70 percent of transactions occurring, not originating from a specific search query. Using data from users and a unique algorithm, Wish curates unique product feeds, displaying products the user is more likely to purchase.

In addition to the personalized feed, Wish has interactive games and bonuses where they can win prizes and discounts (which are absorbed by Wish). “We want to make it interactive and engaging and fun,” Small says. 

Small also gave a breakdown of who is using Wish. The average user has a household income of $50,000 and 43 percent of buyers are millennials. There are 550,000 global merchants with 150 million items for sale. Every day, 1.7 million items are sold and 640 million items are shopped yearly. 

The consumer base is value conscious, he says, coming to Wish to know they’re going to get a low price. 

Small gave suggestions for success on Wish, and seller standards is a key focus. “That’s designed to not only protect the customers, but to help you grow on Wish,” he says. A merchant’s rating – either Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze – depends on user feedback ratings, the order fulfillment rate, valid tracking rate, fulfillment speed, refund rates and policy compliance. It’s all about the service you deliver to the customers, Small adds.

For sellers who are able to deliver in five days, they will gain more product impressions, prominent placement in the Wish app and on marketing channels and a reduce commission rate.

Another way to stand out is Wish clips, which tells compelling video stories and allows merchants to sell right from videos. Small says these are eye catching and interactive for sellers. Wish also has a combined social media audience of more than 45 million, which can help increase a brand’s visibility and exposure. 

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