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Linnworks Introduces Expiry Date Tracking Functionality.

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Sellers of perishable goods will now be able to track the expiry dates of their inventory within Linnworks. We understand that this is a major requirement for those of you selling products such as food & beverages, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, as well as a wide range of other products at risk of spoilage, which is why we have added this functionality to the system.

What are the benefits of tracking expiration dates?

With the ability to track and prioritize your products by their expiration date, you will be able to more effectively manage your inventory levels, reduce product spoilage and increase both profitability and efficiency.

Do keep in mind that spoilage extends beyond the likes of food and pharmaceuticals exceeding their use by date, and can also refer to goods that are also simply outdated and unsaleable, for example certain trends or technology. Additionally, the longer an item is in storage, the more likely the packaging is to become damaged or tarnished.

Ultimately, by utilizing an inventory management system that allows you to have full visibility of the expiry dates for your inventory, you will be able to have a far tighter rein on your stock levels, so that you are better equipped to handle products that are due to expire.

How do expiry dates work within Linnworks?

Specifically, you will now be able to assign batches to products in Linnworks and prioritize these batches by their expiration date. This will help to ensure that the batch with the most imminent sell by date is sold prior to items with a longer shelf life.

Initially, each batch will be assigned a unique batch number, as well as a sell by date and expiry date. Once a batch reaches the specified sell by date, Linnworks will stop that batch from being allocated to an order, and once it recognizes the expiration date of each batch, it will decrement the availability of the stock.

In addition to implementing expiry date tracking functionality, we have also introduced multiple bin locations, which will allow you to assign an inventory item to multiple different bins/racks within the same warehouse. This is particularly beneficial if you have multiple batches of an individual item in your inventory, each with different expiry dates, and wish to store them at various locations across your warehouse. Do keep in mind that all items within a batch must have the same expiry date.

You can learn more about using this with Linnworks in our documentation

Keep in mind that this release is part of a much larger update to our inventory functionality. We would recommend watching the video below to learn more.

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