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Linn Academy 2020 On-Demand: Facebook Shops - Your digital storefront

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Join Dani Cook, commerce partnerships EMEA, Facebook as she leads a deep-dive into Facebook Shops and how social commerce is maximising on customer opportunities within social channels, with examples from retailers using the platform.

You will learn:

  • How to maximise the opportunities of discovery
  • What consumers expectations you need to keep up with
  • How to establish Facebook Shops and Instagram Shops
  • The difference between Instagram Shops (plural) and Instagram Shop (singular)

Social commerce is enabling brands and retailers to turn the shopping experience on its head, creating powerful new opportunities that they need to exploit through tools such as Facebook Shops, according to Dani Cook, commerce partnerships EMEA, Facebook.

Cook presented a deep dive into the opportunities of Facebook Shops, as part of Linn Academy 2020. She described how search had been the “killer app”, moving more and more people online and enabling product discovery.

Personalization is driving customer expectations

But personalization means customers expect things to be tailored to their tastes and in the format they prefer. Businesses need to keep up with rapidly evolving consumer expectations - principally discovery, immediacy, personalisation, safety and security.

“Businesses can no longer wait for people to actively shop and search for them”, said Cook. “Ecommerce has been about connecting the right person to the right product. Now it’s about connecting the right product to the right person.” She called this discovery commerce. “It’s not just about meeting demand it’s about creating it.”

She explained in detail how sellers can make the most of the opportunity of Facebook Discovery Commerce. “Facebook is accelerating its work to enable every business to sell online by doubling down on commerce. We’ve weaving shopping into each of our apps to help people discover and buy the products they like in a simpler, more intuitive way.”

Facebook Shops will help you tell your brand story

The first step for any business was to establish their Facebook Shops and Instagram Shops storefronts, with business Facebook and Instagram accounts required, as well as a tool called Commerce Manager. “The purpose of Facebook shops is to tell a brand story that’s your own,” she said.

Alternatively, however she said Instagram Shop (singular), and Facebook Shop in the future, work as curated collections that any business who has their own storefront has the potential for distribution on.

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