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How To Comply With eBay's Active Content Ban: Updated Listing Templates.

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eBay’s active content ban is fast approaching and to help reduce any concerns you may have about your listings, we have teamed up with eSellerSolutions to design two compliant eBay listing templates that you can use, free of charge.

While you may already be familiar with the imminent ban on the use of active content in eBay listings, if you’re not, here’s a brief statement from eBay’s Summer 2017 statement:

“Starting in June 2017, eBay will no longer support active content in any listings. Make sure to remove active content to ensure that your item descriptions best represent what you are selling.”

In other words, eBay listings that contain active content will be removed or blocked from June 2017 – it’s as simple as that.

So, what does active content entail and how can you avoid using it in your listing templates?

Perhaps the easiest way to answer that is by outlining what will be compliant and what won’t after the June 2017 deadline.

Specifically, the following content will still be permitted within your listings:

  • Mobile responsive web design - In fact, this will be incredibly important for user experience.
  • Custom categories
  • Custom image carousel – It is recommended that you upload your images to eBay Gallery for increased mobile conversion.
  • Embedded images – It is, however, only recommended that you use these where legally required, otherwise it is better to upload to eBay’s Gallery.
  • Self-hosted videos – If you use this type of content, ensure that you’re using HTML 5 tag links.
  • Static cross-selling bars – Ensure you are using the eBay-managed cross-selling widgets or are taking advantage of the Promotions Manager.
  • Search my eBay Shop – You will need to use the Listing Frame feature.
  • Sign up to seller newsletter – You can link through to your eBay Shop where the customer can sign up
  • Internal links to other eBay pages
  • Tabbed panes

As of June, you will no longer be able to include the following within your listings:

  • Form submission
  • Script submission
  • Plug-ins
  • Features that are automatically triggered, for example videos
  • iFrames
  • Dynamic cross-selling bars
  • PDF
  • External links unless legally required
  • Social sharing icons
  • Embedded buyer feedback
  • Custom parts fitment finder

If you’re using any of the above, there are alternatives available to you.

For example, with an eBay Shop subscription you will be able to take advantage of tools such as Promotions Manager, enabling you to cross-sell related items.

Alternatively, it is still possible to link through to product videos, however you will need to follow eBay's specific guidelines to ensure your listings remain compliant. 

eBay does also offer features such as their parts compatibility feature which replaces the need to use a custom parts fitment finder.

To learn more about alternatives to using active content, we would recommend reading eBay’s active content replacement recommendations.

To make the process as easy as possible for you, we have worked alongside eSellerSolutions to develop two brand new, active content compliant and entirely free eBay listing templates.

One is a basic template, as shown below and the other is more advanced with tabbed panes.

If you are an existing Linnworks user, you will need to use the html code that has been developed specifically for use with Linnworks. You can access the basic template here and the advanced template here

Basic eBay Listing Template.

eBay Template Basic.png

Advanced eBay Listing Template with tabbed panes.

eBay Template Tabbed Panes.png

As an eBay seller, it is incredibly important that you are able to upload and edit your listings in bulk, as it can otherwise be a time-intensive task. That's why it's worth investigating your opportunities with eBay inventory management software.

With features such as a bulk listing tool, you  can speed up the eBay listing process, reduce marketplace listing fees, ship your eBay orders faster than ever and manage all your selling channels in one place.

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