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Decathlon is the world’s largest sports retailer — and they’re poised to take the ecommerce world by storm. 

With the introduction of its online marketplace, Decathlon is expanding its mission to make sports accessible to all. It’s leveraging its global reach and reputation to create new avenues for sports enthusiasts and sellers alike. 

In this article, we’ll dive into the intricacies of Decathlon Marketplace. We’ll explore its unique features, benefits, and opportunities for sellers looking to thrive in the dynamic world of online sports retail.

What is Decathlon Marketplace? 

Decathlon stands tall as a beacon of inclusivity in the world of sports retail. Founded on the principle of making sports accessible to many, Decathlon has evolved into a global force. It operates in over 60 countries and turns over billions in sales annually. 

With a diverse range of sports offerings, and a commitment to quality and affordability, Decathlon has earned the trust of millions of sports enthusiasts worldwide. This led to the launch of Decathlon Marketplace in October 2020 — first in Belgium, before swiftly expanding to France and Germany. In the time since, Decathlon Marketplace has expanded into Spain, Italy, Poland, Portugal, the UK and Romania. 

The expansion into the digital sphere represents a strategic move for Decathlon, aimed at furthering its mission and reaching a broader audience of sports lovers. By embracing the digital landscape, Decathlon seeks to break down barriers to participation in sports, offering a seamless shopping experience to customers while empowering sellers to showcase their products to a global audience.

Why is Decathlon Marketplace a good channel for sports retailers? 

Decathlon Marketplace has a range of unique features that make it a compelling choice for online sports and outdoor retailers. Here are some of the biggest benefits: 

  • The Decathlon brand name: As a globally recognized sports brand, Decathlon brings unparalleled credibility and trust to its online marketplace. Sellers benefit from association with a trusted brand, gaining access to a vast network of loyal customers.
  • A focused sports customer base: Decathlon Marketplace attracts a highly engaged audience of active sports enthusiasts, ensuring that sellers can connect with individuals passionate about their products. With a targeted approach to customer acquisition, sellers can expect higher conversion rates and increased visibility for their listings.
  • Invite-only marketplace model: Decathlon operates on an invite-only basis, offering selected sellers enhanced visibility and reduced competition. This curated approach ensures that sellers can stand out in a clutter-free environment, maximizing their chances of success on the platform.
  • Dedicated account management: Sellers on Decathlon Marketplace receive personalized support from dedicated account managers, guiding them through the onboarding process and providing ongoing assistance to optimize their performance. From setting up their store to maximizing their sales potential, sellers can rely on Decathlon’s expert support every step of the way.
  • Marketing packages and international expansion opportunities: In addition to its existing offerings, Decathlon is constantly innovating and expanding its marketplace ecosystem. With upcoming marketing packages and international expansion opportunities on the horizon, sellers can look forward to new avenues for growth and increased exposure on a global scale.
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How do fees and commissions work on Decathlon Marketplace? 

Decathlon’s commission structure and subscription fee are designed to provide sellers with transparency, simplicity, and access to multiple markets. Here’s an overview of the main fees and commissions: 

Category-specific commission 

Decathlon operates on a tiered commission structure, with rates varying depending on the product category. For sports services, such as media events and ticketing, the commission rate is 18%. Products like sports clothing, footwear, equipment, and nutrition fall under the 16% commission category. Special commissions apply to bulky products like bikes and fitness machines, as well as electronics, at rates of 16% and 10%, respectively. This tiered approach ensures that sellers pay a fair and competitive commission based on the nature of their products.

Monthly fees for accessing multiple markets

In addition to the commission structure, sellers are required to pay a flat monthly subscription fee of £40. This fee grants sellers access to the Decathlon Marketplace across multiple markets, facilitating international expansion and maximizing reach. The subscription model offers sellers flexibility and scalability, allowing them to manage their costs effectively while tapping into new markets and opportunities for growth.

Transparent pricing and simple fee structure

Decathlon prides itself on transparency and simplicity in its fee structure. Sellers can easily understand their financial obligations and plan their budgets accordingly. With no hidden fees or complex calculations, Decathlon ensures that sellers can focus on what matters most: delivering exceptional products and service to customers.

What is the onboarding process for Decathlon Marketplace? 

Decathlon’s onboarding process is designed to be streamlined and straightforward, allowing sellers to start selling quickly and efficiently.

Simplified process for sellers to start selling quickly

Decathlon aims to minimize barriers to entry for sellers, offering a simplified onboarding process that enables them to start selling as soon as possible. Sellers can expect a seamless experience from account creation to product listing, with dedicated support available every step of the way.

Agreement on product catalog and brand curation

As part of the onboarding process, Decathlon works closely with sellers to agree on the product catalog and ensure alignment with brand values and standards. This collaborative approach ensures that only high-quality products that meet Decathlon’s criteria are listed on the marketplace, enhancing the overall shopping experience for customers.

Integration options with platforms like Shopify and Linnworks

Decathlon offers integration options with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify and LIN Works, making it easy for sellers to manage their inventory and streamline operations. Sellers can choose the integration method that best suits their needs, whether it’s manual integration or seamless integration with their existing systems.

Service level agreement and seller requirements

Decathlon sets clear service level agreements and seller requirements to maintain quality standards and ensure customer satisfaction. Sellers are expected to adhere to guidelines regarding shipping times, product quality, and customer service, with regular monitoring and feedback provided to support continuous improvement.

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What are the key categories and inventory gaps? 

Decathlon Marketplace boasts a diverse range of top-selling categories, presenting lucrative opportunities for sellers to tap into.

Top-selling categories on Decathlon Marketplace

Decathlon Marketplace encompasses a wide array of sports categories, with top-selling segments including cycling, hiking, camping, skiing, snowboarding, football, running, equestrian, fishing, and water sports. These categories reflect the diverse interests and preferences of sports enthusiasts, offering sellers a broad market to explore.

Opportunities for sellers 

Sellers can leverage the popularity of these sports categories to showcase their products to a highly engaged audience of enthusiasts. Whether it’s high-performance cycling gear, rugged hiking equipment, or stylish football apparel, sellers have the opportunity to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of customers across different sports disciplines.

Identifying inventory gaps 

Despite the breadth of categories available on Decathlon Marketplace, there are still opportunities for sellers to fill inventory gaps and address niche market segments. By identifying areas where demand exceeds supply or where specific product offerings are lacking, sellers can strategically position themselves to meet the needs of underserved customer segments and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Second-hand selling on Decathlon Marketplace

Decathlon Marketplace is committed to fostering a circular economy by promoting the sale of refurbished and second-hand products.

Emphasis on the circular economy

Decathlon recognizes the importance of sustainability and environmental responsibility in today’s marketplace. By offering refurbished and second-hand products, Decathlon encourages sellers to contribute to a circular economy by extending the lifecycle of goods and minimizing waste.

Sellers have the opportunity to list refurbished or second-hand items on Decathlon Marketplace. It provides customers with access to quality products at reduced prices. Whether it’s refurbished fitness equipment, pre-owned sports gear, or gently used outdoor apparel, sellers can tap into a growing market segment while promoting sustainability and resource conservation.

Handling returns and disputes for refurbished products

Decathlon implements a grading system for refurbished products, providing customers with clear information about the condition and quality of items. Sellers are expected to adhere to high standards of product quality and customer service, including prompt resolution of returns and disputes related to refurbished products. By maintaining transparency and accountability, sellers can build trust with customers and foster long-term relationships.

Getting started on Decathlon Marketplace

The onboarding process for Decathlon Marketplace is designed to be straightforward and efficient. It allows sellers to start selling quickly and seamlessly.

  • Step 1 — Express your interest: Sellers interested in joining Decathlon Marketplace begin by reaching out to the platform’s dedicated team to express interest. 
  • Step 2 — Create an account: Following initial discussions and alignment on terms, sellers will proceed with the account creation process. They must provide necessary information about their product catalog and brand.
  • Step 3 —Complete the onboarding process: Decathlon has a series of onboarding steps which take an average of 30 days from account creation to go-live on the Marketplace. This timeline may vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the product catalog, integration requirements, and seller readiness. 

Decathlon aims to support sellers throughout the onboarding process. They provide guidance and assistance to ensure a smooth and timely transition to the marketplace.

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Customers can integrate with Decathlon using Fulfillin’s 3rd party Mirakl app. Linnworks users can connect with over 190 Mirakl marketplaces to sync inventory and order routing alongside all other selling channels.

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