Tesco Click & Collect (Yodel)

The Tesco/Yodel integration provides the capability to configure shipping services, print shipping labels and manifest shipments for Tesco Click & Collect through NetDespatch. This was created by a member of Linn Systems staff as a 3rd Party Integration to showcase external shipping integrations. As such, support for the integration can be found through the normal Linnworks Support Centre.
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Feature Description
External Integration Linnworks communicates directly with your Tesco - Yodel account allowing the two systems to work together as one seamless platform.
Integrate Label Linnworks allows the shipping label to be inserted directly on your invoice where a peel off label can be used.
Manifesting Manifesting directly from Linnworks without the need to login to your Tesco-Yodel Account, ensuring that the correct billing is produced for the services you have used without any additional workload.