Location Mapping

You can use Linnworks to manage more than one warehouse at a time. Location mapping lets you do two things; you can choose which location orders are saved to for a channel, and you can choose which locations are used when Linnworks calculates how much stock should be advertised for sale.

Location Mapping

To open the screen, go to Settings > Channel Integration, then click the button for the channel integration you want to manage.


Order Download Location: This is the location that all orders from this channel will be saved to. It's assumed that the majority of orders from this channel will be processed at this location. Not all channels support this feature.

Sync inventory from locations: When Linnworks updates a stock level for a listing, it adds up all the stock you have across all your locations and sends the total to the channel. You can change this by instead selecting which locations will be used when calculating how much stock to revise.

Please Note! If all locations are disabled under Inventory sync locations, then Linnworks will automatically send the combined stock levels of all existing locations to the channel.

Location Mapping

The two settings are independent of each other. It is possible to download orders to a location that you do not advertise stock levels from.

Channel Locations

For the channels that have their warehouse locations, location mapping screen looks different. It provides a list of all of the warehouses that are available on the channel and allows you to edit them independently to set the order download location and inventory sync locations. Channels that have the option to fulfil orders from their own fulfilment centres or from third-party drop shippers:

  • Jet
  • Shopify
  • Magento and Magento 2(when using Multi-Store)

    A single Magento website can have multiple stores—all are managed from the same Admin. Linnworks allows downloading orders per each Magento Multi-Store individually when Work with Multi store setting is selected in Settings > Edit Channel > Account:


Multi-stores are treated as locations in Linnworks. Once added and mapped to Linnworks locations, orders will start downloading into these locations respectively. 

Location Mapping screen for these channels is different:


  • Add New: Click to map your location 
  • Fulfilment: If channel location is a fulfilment location this field will have a tick
  • Channel Location ID: The internal name used by the channel to recognise the warehouse
  • Channel Location Name: A user-defined name for the warehouse that was set on the channel is added to Linnworks
  • Edit: Click the button in the column to edit the Order download location and Inventory sync locations for the selected warehouse
  • Update (Shopify only): If you have new locations on Shopify that are not in Linnworks yet, click Update. This will check Shopify locations and update them in Linnworks accordingly.