Order Book Settings - Despatch Console

This screen shows the settings that can be applied to the Despatch Console screen on Linnworks.net.

Table of Contents

 Despatch Console

Allow batch process by scanning tracking number

Disabled by default. When enabled, allows the user to process an order using a barcode scanner to scan in the Tracking Number that was provided at the time of printing the shipping label. When using the Batch Process by Order ID option in Despatch Console Linnworks will find the order with the scanned Tracking number and automatically process it.

Default Tab

By Order Id is selected by default. Allows selection of which Despatch Console tab is initially shown when opened, to speed up the chosen use and reduce manual intervention.

Choices are: 

  1. By Order Id 
  2. Batch Process by Order ID
  3. By Item Barcode

When using Despatch Console by Order Id, if the order has been already processed, the systems will display a message with the time and date of processing for the order

Exclude unpaid orders from By Item Barcode

Disabled by default. When Enabled, and using the By Item Barcode tab in Despatch Console, Orders marked as unpaid will not be found when searching By Item Barcode in Despatch Console.