Listing on Flubit

As with other Bespoke listing methods, Flubit requires the use of Linnworks Desktop software. If you don't have this installed, please see our guide on downloading the software through The Flubit Inventory Mapping tool allows you to select which SKUs should be listed on Flubit and the price at which the SKUs should be sold. After your initial synchronisation, any new items you list to the specified Amazon channel will appear in the inventory mapping tool to be listed.

The following documentation makes reference to the legacy Linnworks Desktop application. To find out if you have access to Linnworks Desktop, please click here.

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In order to list products with Flubit, you must have the following:

  • Listing to Flubit is currently only available on Linnworks desktop software. Please refer to this guide for assistance with downloading Linnworks Desktop
  • A Flubit channel must be added to Linnworks
  • An Amazon channel must be added to Linnworks
    • The required Amazon channels must be selected in the Flubit config
    • The % discount must be set in the Flubit config for calculation of the Flubit Base Price
    • Amazon prices must be saved in the listing description (to calculate Flubit Base Price)
    • Channel specific prices can be uploaded in bulk via CSV, please see the Import Data documentation for details

Listing on Flubit

Listing your SKUs on Flubit is a slightly different process to most listings methods on Linnworks. There is a custom inventory mapping screen which is populated with details your amazon listings.

  1. Access the mapping screen by going to Settings > Channel Integration > Flubit Mapping
  2. Find the SKUs you wish to list with Flubit and tick the Enabled checkbox
  3. Ensure that the Flubit Price has a value, as this is the lowest price that Flubit will sell your SKU at
  4. Click List Items or Relist Failed

Please Note! Before sending your SKUs to Flubit please check that the Flubit Prices are correct. If you do not have your Amazon price within Linnworks the Flubit Base Price will show as £0.