Stock In

The Stock In screen is designed to allow users of Linnworks to accurately and efficiently control their goods inwards process to book in new inventory as it arrives to increase the level of existing stock items.

Table of Contents

Accessing the Screen

The Stock In screen can be found as follows

  1. Select Inventory
  2. Select Stock In

 Selecting a Location

If you have more than one stock location (Warehouse) in Linnworks, you can use the Stock In screen to choose which location you wish to book stock into.

  • Use the drop-down menu located in the top-right corner of the screen
  • Select the location you wish to use
  • By default, this will be the one associated with the user that is currently logged into the system as defined by the My Location setting in General Settings.

 Searching for a Stock Item

To book new inventory into Linnworks via the Stock In the screen there are 2 methods available to find the correct Linnworks Inventory item that you wish to update

 Exact Match

This is designed to be used where you know either the Linnworks Item Number (SKU) or the Linnworks Barcode for the item you are looking for. Use the text box at the top left of the screen to either scan or type the required Linnworks SKU or Barcode; when typing pressing the Enter key Linnworks will automatically invoke the search. The system will then return the Linnworks stock item if an Exact Match has been found. If the value that you searched for doesn't match a stock item, no search results will be returned.

 Manual Search

If you don't know the exact SKU or Barcode of the item you are booking in, click the Manual Search button, to perform a new search. All the results that match the value you searched for will be displayed in a window, and you can select the correct stock item from that list.

 Viewing Item Information

Once an item has been found, Linnworks will display the following item information:

  • The Primary Image if one exists
  • Linnworks SKU (Item Number) and Linnworks Item Title
  • Stock Level for the location you have selected for booking Stock In
Please note for batched stock items, stock level refers only to the available stock for this stock item, excluding restricted, damaged and/or expired levels
  • In open orders: The total quantity you have reserved for open orders in the location you have selected for booking Stock In
  • Location that will be used to update the stock levels when the Book In button is clicked
  • Awaiting from Supplier: The total quantity you are expecting to be delivered to your current location from all purchase orders with a status of Open or Partial
  • Batch Number (only for batched items): unique Batch Number(s) that will identify the stock item
    • Expires:  This date is linked to the selected Batch and refers to the date in which the item will not be able to be sold
    • Sell By: This date is linked to the selected Batch and refers to the date in which the item should be sold by
  • Bin/Rack: The physical position in the warehouse that the item is stored in for the location you are currently viewing
  • Purchase Price: The value that is stored on the General tab of an Inventory itemNote: This is not the purchase price on any purchase orders
Bin/Rack and Purchase Price values are editable. Once booked in, the changed values will replace the information currently saved against the stock item. If booking stock in against a Purchase Order the price from the Purchase Order will be used to adjust the stock value

 Booking in Stock

The final stage is to update the stock level for the inventory item, or the stock level for a particular batch, in the selected location. This can be achieved by either of the following actions: 

  1. Clicking the 'Stock In' button
  2. Scanning a Set Barcode. This action will populate all the valid information from the correspondent item's PO such as purchase price or quantity without the need of typing any information in the Book In screen. For more details on how to activate the primary button via barcode see our General Setting guide.

At this stage, there are additional features available:

  • Print Labels
  • Mark Items as delivered in selected purchase Orders
  • Process selected orders as stock booked in 

 Printing Labels

Prior to Booking in the new stock use this option to print Stock Item Labels that can be attached to your items. The system will print the number of labels to match the quantity you are booking.

 Purchase Orders

Once a search has returned an item, any Open or Partial purchase orders for that item in the selected Location will be displayed on the right side of the screen. Checking the Mark items as delivered in selected purchase orders checkbox will select the top purchase order in the list and set the quantity to be delivered to the number outstanding in that purchase order. Subsequently, selecting the required Purchase Order(s) prior to booking in stock will allow Linnworks to mark that item as delivered on the selected purchase order(s), once the Book In button (see below) has been clicked.

When the stock booked in is a batched item if there are any undelivered items in a PO 'Deliver All' will not be allowed and a suitable error message is displayed. 

Please Note: For more details on using Purchase Orders for Fulfilment Centers and Amazon FBA refer to the following guide

 Customer Orders

Once a search has returned an item, any Open Orders for that item in the selected Location will be displayed along the bottom of the screen. Checking the Process selected orders as stock booked in and selecting the required order(s) prior to booking in stock, will instruct Linnworks to display the Process Order screen for each selected order once the Book In button has been clicked.

In the case where multiple orders are present, the orders will be displayed in 'Despatch By Date' sequence, showing the order with the oldest despatch by date first. When selecting multiple orders to process, Linnworks will allocate all available stock to the selected orders in the sequence in which they are displayed.

 Book In 

By clicking the Book in button or scanning the barcode, the final stage will be complete and the stock level for the inventory item, or the stock level for a particular batch, in the selected location will be updated

The action of Booking in, remember, it will not replace the current stock level.
In the case of booking in a composite parent with all the child items, enter the parent level into the Quantity field and click Book In. This will result in a window which will state that you can book all child items in one go and display the child quantities being booked in. Once again, these will not replace the current stock level but add to it.
Please Note: Booking stock to a Fulfillment Centre can only be done where the Fulfillment Centre is not configured to receive Inventory level updates.