Edit Product Details - Extended Properties

Item Extended Properties act as metadata about the product, most commonly used as the basis for variations. They are often added as part of an inventory import but can be added or edited individually on this screen.

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Extended Properties contain data that add further details about inventory items, often to distinguish between variations of items by providing a category for their variation type. For instance, when selling T-shirts, each T-shirt variation will need an individual SKU in Linnworks. Adding their colour and size to an extended property then allows this to be added as a property in listings, such as the Specifications section of an eBay listing, or as the variation on variation listings.

Extended properties are also used for data about the listing itself. Extended properties such as whether the SKU qualifies for free shipping can be set on a per-SKU basis.

Whilst there are a number of types of extended property that can be selected from the dropdown box, most extended properties should be added as Attributes.

Please note there is a limit of 50 characters on Property Name and a limit of 2000 characters on the Property Value.

Editing a Single SKU

Adding Extended Properties

  • Click Add New
  • Click the new cells that have been added to the table and enter the following information:
    • Name: The name of the extended property, such as size or colour
    • Value: This is the actual variation, such as "Small" or "Blue"
    • Type: For item variations, such as size or colour, this would be 'Attribute'
      • Other types of extended property are discussed here
  • Click Save

A new extended property with the same name as an already existing extended property cannot be added.

Removing Extended Properties

  • Click the appropriate entry to highlight it
  • Click Delete
  • Click Save

Editing Extended Property Details

  • Click the cell to be edited, the text will be highlighted
  • Enter new text and press Enter
  • Click Save

Editing in Bulk

Extended Properties can be added and removed in bulk. Adding Extended Item Properties is done via Inventory Import and deleting extended item properties has it's own subtype of the Delete import type. Further information can be found for Inventory and Delete Import types here and here respectively.

Types of Extended Property

The following table lists all types of extended property and a brief description of their use:

Attribute Type Name Description
Attribute When creating Listings through My Inventory Linnworks can use values from Extended Properties with this type to provide additional information to the listing such as eBay Item Specifics, eBay Variation Specifics or Amazon attributes.
Channel Used when creating new listings on eBay via a Configurator to override the default value saved on the Configurator.
  • For example, an eBay Configurator for EBAY0 has a Min Listing quantity = 2 and Max Listing quantity = 10
    • If the stock item has the following extended properties these will be used instead of the Configurator default values from creating or revising a listing via the Configurator
      • Name: MIN_QTY_LIST_EBAY0
      • Value: 3
      • Type: Channel
      • Name: MAX_QTY_LIST_EBAY0
      • Value: 10
      • Type: Channel
Compatibility Used for eBay motors kType listings to provide compatibility information.
Condition This is used when creating stock items from live listings through LinnLive from either eBay or Bigcommerce.
Fulfilment SKU A Fulfilment SKU is used when your Drop Shipper / Fulfilment Center uses a different SKU to yours to identify the product. When submitting orders from Linnworks to a Fulfilment Centre the value of this property will be sent instead of the Linnworks SKU. It will also be used when receiving stock level updates from the Fulfilment Centre. This functionality also applies to FBA locations. For our Fulfilment Centre functionality to make use of this extended property it must be set up in the following way.
  • Name: The name of the Linnworks location that is defined as the Fulfilment Centre
  • Value: The SKU that the Drop Shipper / Fulfilment Center uses to recognise the product
  • Type: Fulfilment SKU
Other When using this type Linnworks makes no specific use of the property by default. However, it is possible through order automation scripts or macros to extract data contained in these properties and make use it.
Stockitem Label When printing Stock Item labels it is possible to include the value of an extended property when it matches the following criteria:
  • Name: The name must be one of the following : Additional1 / Additional2 / Additional3 / Additional4 / Additional5
  • Value: The information that is required to be displayed on the Stock Item Label
  • Type: Stockitem Label
Shipping This Extended Property type is used when creating stock items from live listings through LinnLive. Information such as the shipping cost will be saved as an extended property with type 'Shipping'.

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