Inventory Settings

The Inventory Section includes controls for configuring advanced features in the Inventory.


Variation functionality allows multiple similar Inventory items with their own properties and stock levels to be sold under a single listing on compatible selling channels.


Categories allow the Linnworks Inventory to be subdivided for ease of reference and searching. Categories in Linnworks are only one layer deep, they cannot have SubCategories. Categories in Linnworks are separate to Categories on marketplaces or websites.


The Linnworks Inventory can be broken into multiple Locations. Each represents a physically separate store, such as an additional warehouse, branch or national Inventory grouping, for example. A single SKU can have stock present in more than 1 location simultaneously.


The Suppliers section is a a way of managing your suppliers' contact details. New suppliers can be added to the system, but please note that information about products that they supply is held on the stock item, rather than in the register of suppliers.