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Frequently asked questions

Are there any contracts?
Our monthly plans are very flexible – we don’t tie you into a contract, and you can choose to cancel, upgrade or downgrade your account at any time. If you choose to pay annually, then you can still upgrade if you wish, but can only move to another annual plan (and you’ll be billed pro-rata if so!). Finally, if you choose a Corporate account with us, there may be a contract should you choose to pay for additional services like dedicated servers or account management.
Do you take a percentage of our revenue as a part of the fee?
No, we do not believe in penalizing you for your success and we do not take a percentage of your revenue.
Do the prices include tax?
All prices exclude sales tax
What if I change my mind after I subscribe?
We offer a 14-day money back guarantee – if you find you aren’t happy with the system within 14 days of first subscribing and you’d like to cancel, please contact us and we’ll be happy to refund your first subscription payment with us.
How may I cancel? Do I need to give any notice?
While we’d hate to see you go, we don’t require any specific notice period. Just get in touch with our friendly team or request a cancellation from your account page, and we’ll be able to assist you in this. Once you cancel your account, we’ll hold your data on our servers for 30 days should you change your mind, after which it will be deleted.
If I pay annually, what happens once my contract expires?
We’ll send you a reminder to ensure you’re aware that your renewal date is coming up – at the end of your contract, you’ll be able to either choose to renew your plan annually once again, or to renew on a monthly basis.
Can I change my billing details later on?
Yes, you’re free to move to the new plans as soon as you’re ready. Once you’ve moved across, you’ll benefit from all the features of the new pricing including our 24/7 support.
What are your support hours?
We’re now offering 24/7 support – so our team should be available to help you whenever you need us!
Which types of support are available?
All plans have access to support via a LIVE chat service, as well as support tickets. You can also call our team on +44 20 3322 7375 (UK) or +1 347 391 2804 (US).


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