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In 2022, retailers need to adapt to meet consumers’ raised expectations - brands who can deliver seamless shopping experiences will reach more ready to buy customers.

Acceleration in the growth of ecommerce offer some clearcut growth opportunities for retailers, but also challenges that retailers will need to adapt to within their selling processes, supply chain, logistics and product offering.

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Five ecommerce trends

Linnworks has identified five ecommerce trends that will be key for retailers to know in 2022 - either as growth opportunities or challenges to address:

  1. Inventory and supply chain mitigation strategies - global supply chain challenges have made this a key issue that all retailers will need to tackle in 2022. Implementing a range of logistics strategies and build partner relationships in order to create the business conditions for growth is key.
  2. Multichannel selling is essential to compete in the new, effortless economy - to be competitive, retailers need to be present wherever their customers want to shop. This includes not only a strong direct- to-consumer offering but a presence in other selling channels like marketplaces and social platforms.
  3. Customer experience is a key driver of growth - convenience is the number one priority for consumers, which means retailers need to make it as easy as possible for shoppers to buy. Retailers need to be able
    to deliver an optimal experience at every stage of the buying journey, from product discovery through to checkout, fulfillment and the returns process to win the sale.
  4. The rise of B2B ecommerce - projected to outpace B2C ecommerce in the next few years, the growth of millennial B2B buyers who expect to self-serve and shop online opens up a whole new channel of opportunity for retailers who can match the needs of digital savvy business purchasers.
  5. Sustainability across the supply & sales chain - consumers are becoming more conscious of the impact of their shopping habits on the environment and want brands to take meaningful action to make their operations more sustainable. This means not only sustainable products, but implementing sustainable practices right across their operations, from supply chain through to selling and fulfillment.
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