FedEx - Add New Integration

This guide will explain how to integrate FedEx account with Linnworks.

Table of Contents

Quick Guide

  1. Go to Shipping > Integrations
  2. Click Add integration, select FEDEX, enter the Account Name for the integration, click Next
  3. Tick I already have a FedEx production key, leave the box unticked if you do not have a production key yet, click Next
  4. Enter Account Details, click Next

Detailed Guide

  1. Open the Shipping Integrations Screen
  • Click Shipping
  • Click Integrations
  2. Add New Courier
  • Click Add Integration
  • Select shipping vendor FEDEX
  • Enter an Account Name for internal reference. This should help staff to distinguish the integration from others
  • Click Next
  • Read and agree to End-User license to continue
  • Click Next
  3. Enter the Account Details
  • Account Details
    • Language
    • FedEx Account Number
  • Shipper Address of your registered FedEx account
    • Person First Name
    • Person Last Name
    • Company Name
    • Phone Number
    • Email Address
    • Street Line 1
    • Street Line 2
    • City
    • State or Province Code
    • Postal Code
    • Country
  • Click Next
  4. Please Note! If the country entered in the last step is not in EMEA (Europe) further account verification will be prompted for as below:
  • Meter Number
  • API User Key
  • API User Password
  • Click Next
  5. Shipping Schedule - Printing labels after the specified cut-off time will be collected the following specified shipping time
  • Enter your local timezone
  • Enter the time for collections per day
  6. Confirm Shipping Details
    • Complete  Shipper Details
      • Validate Address - Checkbox
      • Dropoff Type - Select from the drop-down list
      • Packaging Type - Select from the drop-down list
      • Declared Value - Checkbox
      • Shipping Charges Payment Type - Select from the drop-down list
    • Taxpayer Identification
      • TIN Type - Select from the drop-down list
      • Taxpayer Identification Number - Enter the number
    • Variable Handling Charges
      • Variable Handling Charge - Enter the amount
      • Rate Element Basis Type - If applicable, select from the drop-down list
      • Rate Type Basis Type - If applicable, select from the drop-down list
    • Shipping Quotes
      • Rate Request List - Checkbox
      • Rate Request Preferred - Checkbox
  7. Maskable Data Types: select if you would like to exclude any information from the label
    • Mask Terms and Conditions
    • Mask Account Numbers
    • Mask Customs Value
  8. Export Documents Options 
    • Export Documents: if you would like to  submit electronic trade documents, tick the first box and at least 1 more box, for example, commercial invoice - this will ensure that only the shipping label is printed and the waybill and commercial invoice will be sent electronically
      • Electronic Trade Documents
      • Print ETD
      • Certificate of Origin
      • Commercial Invoice
      • General Agency Agreement
      • Nafta Certificate of Origin
      • Pro Forma Invoice
    • Document Options
      • Provide Instructions
      • Suppress Additional Languages
      • Letter-head image URL
      • Signature image URL
    • Nafta COO Details
      • Blanket Period
      • Nafta Importer Specification Type
      • Nafta Producer Specification Type
  9. Optional Details
    • Select any options that apply. Note that any option you select will require further details to complete
    • Alternatively, if none of the optional details applies, click Next to continue
  10. Registration Complete
  • This page indicates the registration has been completed, click Close to move on to adding FedEx services to your integration.

Next Steps

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