DPD Local - Add New Integration

This guide will explain how to integrate a DPD Local account with Linnworks.

How to add DPD Local integration?

Go to Shipping > Integrations > + Add integration and select shipping vendor DPD Local

DPDLocal 1

Follow integration steps:

  1. Enter an Account Name (This can be anything (eg DPD Local Account 1), but should be meaningful for later reference). Click Next.
  2. Confirm you have access to your DPD Local API credentials:

     DPDLocal 2

    • Tick the option I have DPD Local API details.
    • Click Next
  3. Enter the API User Name and Password
    • API Username and API password are the same as your MyDPD login details.
    • If you are having issues going past this step, please contact your DPD Local Account manager, and request to be registered for Shipping APIs, then repeat the steps.
    • Click Next.
  4. Enter your Shipper details
    • DPD Local require an address that will be used by their drivers to collect the packages required for despatch and returns. 

    DPDLocal 3

    • The details required are as follows:
      • Contact Name
      • Telephone
      • Company/Organisation name
      • Address 1
      • Address 2
      • Town
      • Postcode
    • Commercial Invoice:


      • Commercial Invoice Copies: specify the number of copies (between 1 and 9) you wish to print.
      • VAT Number: your VAT number to be used for commercial invoice.
      • Print Commercial Invoice: tick the option to print Commercial Invoice, otherwise it will be sent electronically for orders going through customs.
      • Signature Name: name of the authorised person to sign commercial invoices.
      • Signature Title: job title of the authorised person to sign commercial invoices.
    • Additional Options:

       DPD 5

      • Replace Empty Phone Number: tick this box to specify your contact phone number if the customer has not provided one.
  5. Enter your desirable Collection Times This collection times will set your cut off for printing your labels, you will leave them blank if there is no collection time for a particular day.

    DPDLocal 5

  6. Customs Info 
    • Default Country of Origin: select country from the drop-down.
    • Default HS Tariff Code: the code must be 6 to 8 characters long.
    • Default Type Description: short description ( up to 40 characters).
  7. Click Close. DPD Local integration is now set up.

Refer to the Next Steps section below for details on connecting your printer and Adding / Editing services.

Please Note! DPD Local may require some extra details about the items you send. This details will need to be added as extended properties on Linnworks and then mapped to the appropriate property in the DPD Local integration. Check more details here.

Next Steps