General Settings

The General Settings section includes a range of options for configuring the use of You can find controls and options affecting a number of the tools and areas within here.

Accessing General Settings

The General Settings screen can be found by navigating to Settings > General Settings  


Each section of the General Settings screen is represented by its own tab, and a number of subsections as detailed below:


The General settings section covers the physical location Linnworks is used in (For inventory and currency purposes), in addition to general Sales Tax configuration and some optional settings for interacting with the Stock in the Inventory.


The Listings settings section allows the configuration of options relating to the use of to list (and update listings created by products from the Inventory on supported Selling Channels.

Virtual Printer

The Virtual Printer settings section allows the configuration of the use of the Linnworks Virtual Printer service.

Order Settings

The Order Settings section allows the configuration of the open orders and order processing screens in For example, the placing of constraints on orders before they can be processed, such as requiring order items to be scanned, or requiring orders to be marked as paid before processing.

Desktop Application

The Desktop Application settings section provides a download link to the Desktop version of Linnnworks, allowing the client application to be installed and run on Pc's running Windows.

You may not have access to Linnworks Desktop. To find out if you have access to Linnworks Desktop, please click here.


The System page provides access to setting up the password enforcement policy that is applied to your account.


The inventory page allows the use of barcode scanning as an alternative to complete inventory processes such as Booking Stock, PO's and Warehouse Transfers.

Set Up Tasks

The Set Up Tasks page details all of the tasks and integrations that were selected during the initial set up of Linnworks. These tasks are accompanied by links to documentation and video guides on completing the tasks.