Stock Count Import

This import is for use only with the Linnworks' Stock Count Functionality. As such, this should only be used in cooperation with an open Stock Count. This is used to import the new Stock Level figures for each SKU before the update is locked.

Table of Contents

If a Stock Count import is executed without an unlocked Stock Count the following message will be logged

Executing Import queries.
Error importing column: New Level. There are no open Stock Counts on your system. Use this import routine only in conjunction with Stock Count functionality.

Available Columns


Key Description
Compulsory This field is a compulsory requirement for import. The data must exist as a column in the CSV and be mapped to the named field.
Additional This field relies on dependent data that is a compulsory requirement for the import. If this field is included in the import then the dependent fields must also be mapped.
Forbidden When the field is included in the import, the additional named field(s) are not permitted to be mapped and included in the import. Inclusion of both fields in the same import will prevent the import from executing.


Key Column Description Dependent fields
Compulsory SKU The SKU / Item number for the Linnworks inventory item being counted  
Compulsory New Level The confirmed stock level that has been counted  

Example Files