KB: How to use the same column from a csv file more than once


I want to use the same column more than once on an import. My supplier's SKU and my SKU are the same, so I want to use the same file column


The column mapping screen shows a list of file columns which can be mapped 1 to 1. However, the same column can be mapped multiple times by using an expression. In the following example of an inventory import, the file column SKU will be mapped to SKU and Supplier Code

  • Create an import and proceed to the column mapping screen
  • Map your SKU column to SKU, if it hasn't automatically mapped
  • Map any remaining file columns
  • Click  Expression
  • In the Map To dropdown, select Supplier Code
  • Click
  • Select your SKU column from the Columns dropdown menu
  • Click  OK
  • Click  Run Now

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