KB: How to use simple expressions


When my supplier updates their pricing, I want to update the retail price in Linnworks to be 40% more than the retail price


This can be done using an expression in an Inventory Import. Create a CSV file that includes columns for the new purchase price and Linnworks SKU. In the example the column name is New Price.

  • Create an import and proceed to the column mapping screen
  • Map the SKU And new purchase price
  • Click  Expression
  • Map the new expression to Retail Price
  • Click to edit the expression
  • Enter the expression: v{New Price}*1.4
  • Click  Run Now


Using the above expression will update all retail prices to be 40% more than the retail prices. This could be taken a stage further by checking whether the new price is higher than the existing retail price, this is explained here.

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