Composite - Updating Stock levels


I want to update the stock level for my composites.

When updating stock level for composites you can face three scenarios: 

  1. Update stock levels for a new composite 
  2. Update stock levels for an existing composite - Untracked 
  3. Update stock levels for an existing composite - Tracked 

Updating Stock Levels in Linnworks can be done using a specific import type called Stock level. Firstly, prepare a CSV file with a column for SKU (child items), Stock Level and Location, no other information is required.

  • Navigate to Settings > Import Data
  • Click  Import Now
  • For the Import Type, select Stock Level
  • Click Next
  • Click Choose Template and select the prepared CSV file
  • Map the column to SKU, if it didn't automatically map and click  Run Now

Please note that in the scenario 1 we need to create the composite from new before we update any child items' stock levels. 


Scenario 1

The new composite SKU is set to untracked   with a Minimum Level of -1 and Level is updated based on composition quantity and existing item child level per location. 

Scenario 2

As the parent SKU in that location is untracked  , the parent SKU stock level is updated based on the composition quantity and child stock levels per location.

Scenario 3 

As the parent SKU is tracked   for certain location/s, the parent SKU stock level is  updated based on the composition quantity but not the child stock levels for the location/s.

A composite SKU is an SKU that does not exist as a physical product but is instead a combination of other SKUs and the advantage to creating these items is that Linnworks will calculate the number of available units based on the availability of the child SKUs

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