Processed Orders Export

The Processed Orders Export allows you to export information relating to all processed orders within Linnworks. It is possible to control which items are included through either the use of the Export column, by using Filters on applicable columns, or by adding additional columns containing expressions.

Table of Contents

Date Ranges

When building a Data Export for Processed Orders if no Date range (Processed / Received) is specified in the filters, Linnworks automatically applies a default range starting 31 days prior to the date the report is executed using Processed Date as the criteria. It is not possible to export orders for the period longer than 31 days in one go. This is implemented to ensure there is not excessive loading on the database by exporting all processed orders for all time every time the export is executed.

The alternative method for retrieving Order data for all time is through Dashboards > Query Data and running reports such as "Order details between dates", "Orders between dates" or "Order Totals between dates", which will allow an export of data for all time, the caveat being that the dataset is not as rich as that available from the Export Data functions.

Available Columns

The available columns below have been grouped by similar fields for convenience. They may appear in a different order when exported. The order can be changed on the Column Mapping screen of the export configurations. For more information on this, please see our Column Mapping documentation.


Key Description
Filter This field supports filtering

Columns - Order Reference Numbers

Key Column Description
  Order Id This is the Linnworks OrderID
  Reference Number This is the reference number assigned by the sales channel for the order
  External Reference This is an additional reference number from the sales channel, typically used by eBay
  Channel Reference An additional reference number for the order

Columns - Order Dates

Key Column Description
Paid Received date The date and time at which the order was placed on the sales channel
  Created Date This is the date and time at which the order was downloaded into Linnworks

Columns - Shipping and Packing

Key Column Description
  Customer email address Email used for despatching purposes
  Customer buyer phone number This is the customer phone number that is associated with the order
  Customer company Company name used for despatching purposes
  Shipping customer name This is the name of the customer, as entered on the order
  Shipping address 1 Address line 1 used when the order was despatched
  Shipping address 2 Address line 2 used when the order was despatched
  Shipping address 3 Address line 3 used when the order was despatched
  Shipping town Town of the address used when the order was despatched
  Shipping region This is the region, such as county or state, used when the order was despatched
  Shipping postcode This is the shipping postcode or ZIP code entered on the order
  Shipping country Country of the address used when the order was despatched
  Shipping country code This is the ISO country code for the shipping address
Paid Processed date The date and time at which the order was processed in Linnworks
  Shipping Service name This is the Linnworks Postal Service that has been assigned to the order
  Shipping Service tag This is the tag that is supplied by the sales channel to identify the shipping service selected for the order
  Shipping Service code This is the code that is defined by the courier to identify the courier's shipping service
Paid Shipping Service vendor This is the name of the courier associated with the Linnworks Postal Service that has been assigned to the order
  Packaging Group This is the name of the packaging group tha thas been assigned to the order
  Tracking Number This is the tracking number that has been associated with the order

Columns - Billing Details

Key Column Description
  Billing Name This is the Billing Name associated with the order
  Billing Company This is the company name, as entered on the order
  Billing address 1 Line 1 of the address used for billing purposes
  Billing address 2 Line 2 of the address used for billing purposes
  Billing address 3 Line 3 of the address used for billing purposes
  Billing town Town of the address used for billing purposes
  Billing region Region / State / County of the address used for billing purposes
  Billing postcode Post code of the address used for billing purposes
  Billing country name This is the name of the country used for billing purposes
  Billing phone number Phone number used for billing purposes

Columns - Order Details

Key Column Description
  Shipping cost The shipping cost, as downloaded from the channel
  Order tax This is the total amount of tax paid on the order
  Order total This is the total cost of the order including tax and postage
  Currency This is the currency used on the order or set in the channel config for that sales channel
Paid Paid This is a binary field that either shows Paid or Unpaid, based on the information downloaded from the channel
Paid Status This is a number between 0 and 4 that represents the state of an order:
  • 0 = Unpaid
  • 1 = Paid
  • 2 = Return
  • 3 = Pending
  • 4 = Resend
Paid Source This is the channel the order has been downloaded or imported from. Orders placed within Linnworks will display as DIRECT
Paid SubSource The SubSource shows the specific integration the order was downloaded from
  Channel Buyer Name Channel specific name used to identify the buyer, such as a username, normally used for eBay
  Marker This is a number, between 0 and 7, that represents order tags that have been assigned to the order. The exception being 0, which means no tag has been set on the order and 7 which means the order has been 'Parked'
  Payment Method This is the Linnworks payment method that has been applied to the order
  On Hold This shows whether the order has been marked as On Hold, for Processed orders if the Order has been cancelled On Hold = 1
Paid Fulfillment Location This is the Linnworks location that the order has been assigned to
  Order Item The SKU / Item number for the Linnworks inventory item that was ordered
  Channel SKU This is the SKU used on the channel for this order item, which may differ from the standard Linnworks Item Number
  Quantity The number of the order item required
  Unit cost The individual sold price for the item that has been purchased
  Line discount This is the discount applied to the item, as a percentage
  Line tax This is the amount of tax paid on the item in the order
  Line total excluding tax This is the quantity of the order item multiplied by the unit cost of the item
  Line total This is the retail price for this item, including tax, multiplied by the quantity ordered
  Is service This is either TRUE or FALSE based on whether the line item is a service, such as gift wrapping. Note: Service items do not have a SKU or channel SKU
  Item number A unique row identifier for each order item within an order. The identifier can be repeated across different orders, but not within an order
  Composite Parent SKU If the line item has been ordered as part of a composite, this shows the composite parent's Linnworks SKU
  Composite Parent order item number This is a unique row identified applied to all child items of a composite sku on an order
  Order notes This is a list of notes appended to an order
  Original Title This is the title of the item that the order has been downloaded with

Sub Columns

Sub columns can be added to open orders exports. There are 3 options available when the Sub Column button is clicked:

  • Type: This is the type of data you wish to display in the column
    • Order Item Option / Item Extended Property / Order Extended Property
  • Column Name: This is the name you wish displayed on the exported document
  • Property Name: This is a dropdown menu that will display all relevant properties for this type

Unlike Inventory Imports, the exact data that can be added as a sub column is unique to each Linnworks account, but generalisations can be made

Type Description
Order Item Option This Type contains information on what variation was ordered. For instance size or colour.
Item Extended Property This allows you to display any extended property attribute that is associated with a SKU on the order, not just the variation that was used to make the order.
For instance, a pair of shoes was ordered from a listing displaying the EU size. If this export is being sent to a UK distributor, a subcolumn might be added with the 'UK Size' extended property.
Order Extended Property Order extended properties are most commonly used with open order scripts. The Property dropdown will be populated with available order extended properties.