WooCommerce - Rules and Guidelines

This page will explain some rules and concepts that are relevant to working with WooCommerce through Linnworks



Inventory Sync

Manage stock option have to be enabled on Woocommerce backend for stock level updates to work. 

  1. Go to WooCommerce > Settings.
  2. Click the Products tab, then the little Inventory link.
  3. Check the Manage Stock option to enable stock on all products.


Service Item Titles

When a WooCommerce order is downloaded into Linnworks containing a Service item but the title is not provided, the item will be saved with the title "UNKNOWN"

Order Status

An order will only be marked as 'Paid' in Linnworks where the order's status equals 'processing' and the payment method is paid in the information provided by WooCommerce.

For example, if an order was paid by credit card but the transaction has failed, the order will be downloaded into Linnworks but will be marked as 'Unpaid'. 


Next Steps