OSCommerce Channel Integration

This guide is a walk-through of the steps required to integrate your OSCommerce account with Linnworks. 
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Additional charges may apply: As a 3rd party integration via an external application, the developer may apply their own costs for use of this functionality.

Supported Features

  • Automatically download new orders
  • Mark orders as dispatched once processed
  • Send out confirmation emails to customers
  • Update listings with available stock levels and prices

Linnworks Integration Details

Application Type:

  • Embedded
  1. Go to Settings > Channel Integrations.
  2. Select OSCommerce and click Install.
  3. Follow the instructions of the Developer.

Access Request:

OSCommerce for Linnworks is designed to use the following parts of your Linnworks system:

  • Open Orders
  • Processed Orders
  • Shipping services
  • Payment services
  • Locations
  • Stock Item
  • Inventory

Developer's Website: