- Add New Channel Integration

This guide explains how to add your account to Linnworks.

 To add a new channel:

  1. Go to Settings > Channel Integration > +Add New
  2. Select in the list of available channels
  3. Click Integrate

Now you will need to go simple steps in Channel Integration Wizard:

1. Get familiar with our terms and conditions and confirm that you agree, click Next


 2. Provide your channel details and click Next


  • API Access URL: API access URL
  • Seller Id: API Username
  • Seller Token: API Key 

3. Provide order settings and click Next


  • Order Prefix: This is the prefix given to orders from this channel
  • Channel Tax: Enabling this option will instruct Linnworks to use Taxes supplied by in the overall order total calculation process.

 4. Integration is now done. Click Finish and you can get started.