For assistance, please contact the developers directly, via their website.

iBuy2Give Channel Integration

This guide is a walk-through of the steps required to integrate your iBuy2Give account with Linnworks.
Once fully integrated, Linnworks provides the ability to:
  • Automatically download new orders
  • Mark orders as despatched once processed
  • Send out confirmation emails to customers
  • List products for sale on iBuy2Give and also upload through sync
  • Update your products with available stock levels
  • End products if the stock goes to zero
  • Automatically relist listings once new stock is available
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Supported Features

Feature Description
Integration method iBuy2Give  is an External channel integration with Linnworks that allows communicating your sales channel directly using the API and lets the two systems working together as one seamless platform. For assistance, please contact the developers directly, via their website.
Order download New orders are automatically retrieved from the channel and saved ready for you to process from Open Orders. Linnworks will only download successful orders from iBuy2Give and further mark the orders on iBuy2Give as downloaded.
Order download location Allows you to select the Linnworks location that all orders for this channel will be assigned to. More details on Location mapping can be found here.
Order despatch When an order is processed, Linnworks can automatically submit a despatch notification along with tracking details to iBuy2Give. Any changes made to the order courier and postal service in Linnworks will not be updated in iBuy2Give at the point of despatch.
Inventory level updates Changes in stock levels for inventory items that are mapped to listings on the channel will trigger an update to submit the new stock level to the channel.
Inventory Mapping Linnworks stock item can be linked to a live listing on a selling channel. This link allows information about the item to flow between Linnworks and iBuy2Give. See more information here.
Inventory Location Mapping Allows you to select which Linnworks location(s) to use to advertise your available stock levels.
Listing download Linnworks regularly scans your channel for new listings created and downloads a record of the listing ready for direct SKU mapping.
Price change updates Channel-specific price changes made in Linnworks will be automatically submitted to the channel to update the live listing.
Payment Mapping Link the payment method used by your customer at checkout to a Linnworks payment method.
Shipping Mapping Link the shipping method selected by your customer on your channel to a Linnworks shipping method to allow printing of the correct label.

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