Flubit Channel Integration

This guide is a walk-through of the steps required to integrate your Flubit account with Linnworks.
Once fully integrated, Linnworks provides the ability to:
  • Automatically download new orders
  • Mark orders as despatched once processed
  • Send out confirmation emails to customers
  • Update your listings with available stock levels
  • Automatically relist listings once stock becomes available

Table of Contents

Supported Features

Feature Description
Integration method Flubit is a Direct channel integration with Linnworks that allows communicating your sales channel directly using the API and lets the two systems working together as one seamless platform.
Support for this integration is provided by our Linnworks Support Team.
Order download New orders are automatically retrieved from the channel and saved ready for you to process from Open Orders.
Order cancellations When an order is cancelled in Linnworks a failed status code is submitted to Flubit as a despatch note. Flubit treats this as a cancellation notification which will cancel the order directly on Flubit.
Order refunds Through the refunds functionality within Linnworks, it is possible to automatically issue either partial or full refunds that are created directly on Flubit.
Order download location Allows you to select the default Linnworks location that all orders for this channel will be assigned to.
Order despatch When an order is processed Linnworks can automatically submit a despatch notification along with shipping details to the channel. 
Inventory level updates Changes in stock levels for inventory items that are mapped to listings on the channel will trigger an update to submit the new stock level to the channel.
Inv. Location mapping Allows you to select which Linnworks location(s) to use to when submitting available stock levels for your MFN listings. More details on Location mapping can be found here.
Listing download Linnworks regularly scans your channel for new listings created outside of the Linnworks platform and downloads a record of the listing ready for direct SKU mapping via Inventory Mapping.
Listing creation Use your Linnworks inventory to create new listings on your channel. Please see special rules for Flubit when listing.
Listing update Use Linnworks to push changes from your inventory to the listings that have been created through Linnworks.
Price change updates Channel-specific price changes made in Linnworks will be automatically submitted to the channel to update the live listing.

Key Concepts

How Flubit works

Flubit is different from other channels in the way that it works. There are no costs or fixed fees paid by merchants selling on Flubit. You decide the lowest price that you are prepared to accept for your products. This is defined as the Flubit Base Price (FBP) for each product and this is what you supply to Flubit. Flubit sets the price the customer pays and once the order is received, you receive your FBP via BACS.

How do I set my Flubit Base Price (FBP)

Initially, the FBP is taken from the prices saved in Linnworks for your chosen Amazon channel. Linnworks takes the Amazon-specific prices in the Listing Descriptions tab for your products and applies the discount set in your Flubit integration. This calculates your FBP which is saved for each Linnworks Inventory item in the Listing Descriptions tab using the Source and Subsource from your Flubit integration.

How do I change my Flubit Base Price (FBP)

Once the FBP has been set in the Listing Descriptions tab this needs to be used for changes in your price to Flubit. Either change the price manually in this tab or use Data Import to upload new prices as part of an Inventory Import to Linnworks for your Flubit channel. Once you have the updated prices use the following Listing guide to submit these prices to Flubit.

Please note! If you use any repricing solutions to automatically adjust your Amazon prices, these changes will not be downloaded to Linnworks and therefore will not be reflected on Flubit